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Museum bucket list: Sigmund Freud Museum reopens

The famous Sigmund Freud Museum has undergone renovations since March 2019, and reopened the end of August 2020.

The museum was originally founded in 1917, with the aim to cover Freud's life and story and has since been hugely popular amongst travellers. Home to Europe’s largest library on psychoanalysis, the Sigmund Freud Museum is to be developed as an international communication platform for scientific exchange, to strengthen the international and national networking of researchers from different institutions and corners of the world.

For the first time, the new museum concept allows visitors access to the Freud family’s private rooms. These rooms give an insight into the family’s eventful history and tell the story of the everyday life of Freud's family.

In order to make Freud’s legacy visible, the Museum’s facilities are to be extended and the exhibition areas enlarged by more than 40%. In addition to the museum display of Sigmund Freud’s life and work and the development of psychoanalysis, the aim is to create spaces for a critical scrutiny of current socio-political phenomena and for contemporary art interventions.


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