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Mohamed Hadid launches eponymous caviar

Long before oysters, champagne and truffles, caviar was coveted by kings and the aristocracy as the ultimate delicacy. Philosopher Aristotle tells how “the food of the gods” was heralded into Greek banquets accompanied by trumpets from as early as the fourth century. To this day it remains the world’s most highly prized and exclusive food.

Now, reflecting his own trademark appetite for excellence and desire for perfection, renowned visionary, entrepreneur and property developer Mohamed Hadid unveils the ultimate caviar experience, HADID Caviar.

Balancing age-old tradition with cutting-edge technology to create the most delicate of delicacies, this exquisite new collection sees Mohamed join forces with a team headed by CEO Edward Gant, whose family has spent over three decades working in the seafood industry. Together they have created an elite product that will satisfy the demands of the most exacting epicurean.

This exceptional portfolio comprises four editions - Black (Imperial), Gold (Royal Oscietra), Black Diamond (Beluga) and Sultan’s (Almas) - all produced exclusively for the brand. These will be joined in November by Silver (Baerii) and Ruby (Sevruga) editions. Hand selected by Mohamed, they are all sustainable and 100% traceable, in compliance with the rules set out in CITES, the multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals.

The four editions are processed using the traditional malossol (lightly salted) method sought out by connoisseurs the world over.

The Caviar Editions

Black Diamond - Beluga (50g - £200, 125g - £500, 250g - £1000, 500g - £2,000)

With a reputation as one of the world’s most exclusive caviars, Beluga is created with the exquisite roe of the Huso Huso sturgeon. Renowned the world over for its superior quality, taste and colour, the eggs appear large in size (3.3-3.5mm) and their colours are typically light grey with fascinating marble effects. Beluga offers astonishing and beautifully complex flavours.

Black - Imperial (50g - £75, 125g - £190, 250g - £375, 500g - £750)

Designed for the discerning palate, Royal Imperial Caviar (Dauricus Schrenckii) is sought out for its exquisite flavour and succulent finish. It is the only type of caviar created by two different species. One of the rarest varieties available today, it is defined by large, firm plump eggs with a size of 3-3.5mm. Imperial has a sublime buttery flavour and is renowned for its complex hint of creamy, briny notes. It simply melts in the mouth, for a truly sensual and sophisticated experience.

Gold - Royal Oscietra (50g - £75, 125g - £190, 250g - £375, 500g - £750)

One of the most prized breeds, Royal Oscietra caviar (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) is obtained from the mature Oscietra sturgeon (typically aged between nine and 12 years) which can weigh up 20kg. Royal Oscietra varies in colour from deep brown to gold, but the HADID variety is lightest in colour - and the most sought after for its rich flavour. The eggs are medium sized and boast a smooth, velvety texture with a hazelnut aroma and nutty flavour. Rich and complex, they truly define the Caspian Sea.

Sultan’s Edition - Almas (£15,000, 500g only; 30g & 50g)

Persian for diamonds. Almas is undoubtedly the world’s most exclusive and coveted caviar and its most expensive food. Harvesting the roe from extremely rare albino sturgeon results in the highest quality of caviar. Complex and nuanced, with small to medium eggs with a unique translucent amber colour, the Almas caviar offers a pleasant sensation with refined textures and a subtle nutty tone.

The Sultan’s Edition also comprises a Beluga Almas, priced at £32,500 per 500g.

Part of HADID Caviar’s mission statement is to give something back to the global community. One way it is doing this is by supporting amfAR with its goal of making AIDS history and bringing an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, the company will be donating 5% of the profit from every sale to this organisation’s vital work.


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