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A unique sailing experience - Meridian Adventure SAIL

If you’re looking for an adventure that’s not your typical beach holiday, something that’s going to make you really be amazed, then Meridian Adventure SAIL offers an experience for you.

Meridian Adventure SAIL is a brand new and ultra-exclusive private explorers club. They intricately create tailor-made, luxury catamaran voyages in some of the world’s most pristine and remote ocean locations, whilst still preserving the health of the ecosystems there. Each journey is unique in its own way and aims to immerse the guests in a once in a lifetime ocean adventure.

The 2020 catamaran fleet will be based in the enchanting Raja Ampat, Indonesia, the heart of our world’s natural wonders. The voyages will embrace the natural beauty of our oceans. You’ll be lead down to the depths of the ocean to enjoy an underwater wonderland of the most diverse living library of coral reefs and marine life in the world. As well as cultural journeys along the untouched shorelines ensuring you experience all that our wondrous ocean has to offer.

Voyages can range from one to six 62’ catamarans, and up to 32 people, depending on how large your party is. Each 62’ catamaran offers a smooth and seamless luxurious sailing journey from the stability of its two hulls. Low emissions are of paramount importance to these voyages, allowing the weaving in and out of magical hidden caves with little impact, leaving Mother Nature to do most of the work.

If you’re lucky enough to be part of one of these amazing voyages, you will have up to 24 specially trained crew on hand throughout the sailing, as well as three high-tech dive boats and nine professional divers. This is not just a trip for avid sailors, families are more than welcome, as well as corporate trips or special occasions. There are a range of activities to take part in like diving, sea-bobs, snorkelling, paddle-boarding, fishing and of course sailing! Being that the Raja Ampat region is known for its crystal clear turquoise waters, a dip in the sea is a must!

The crew will gladly give you a first-hand seafarer’s experience, allowing you to assist them in all aspects of sailing. However, if you’re not feeling so adventurous then you can relax in front of the stunning natural scenery, take advantage of their extensively impressive wine list and gorge on lots of sustainably sourced local food, like a true epicurean. There really is something for everyone to enjoy.

An all-round luxurious adventure, on and off land, and a unique experience to remember for years to come, the Meridian Adventure SAIL voyage, is one of the best ways to truly explore the most awe-inspiring and least explored paradises in the world.


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