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Maison Chaumet - New Boléro

Creating jewellery watches since 1811, Chaumet illuminates women and men with jewels that tell the time. A tradition of excellence that embraces all styles. The Maison’s iconic watches, Boléro, Hortensia Éden and Dandy each interpret the uniqueness of a personality, a state of being or a vision of elegance and are reinvented today in new versions.


Sensual and assertive, Boléro speaks to the woman of today. Heir to the Chaumet tradition of Parisian elegance, this timepiece combines purity of design with play on volumes. A feat of softness, flexibility and lightness, its mesh bracelet wraps the wrist like a second skin. Its elegant and sensual gold is a mark of distinction for the women who wear it.

More precious than ever, Boléro now comes in a new rose gold version. The virtuosity of a creative pavé technique using gradations of diamonds completely covers the dial and illuminates the wrist.


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