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A look inside M/Y NJORD's stunning interiors designed by FM Architettura

Knightsbridge, 5th Avenue, Avenue Montaigne, Avenue Princesse Grace, Calle Serrano, Njord....the world's best addresses. The most anticipated residential yacht ever, at a length of 293 metres, M/Y NJORD is the finest address - everywhere in the world. With 118 luxury residences available in 21 distinct configurations comprising two to six bedrooms, ranging from 120 sq.m to 800 sq.m, she is the world’s only residential yacht to offer 14 duplex and two spectacular triplex residences with private elevators. M/Y NJORD will be the most technically advanced “green ship” operating at the highest environmental standards.

World leader in interior design, FM Architettura has been appointed by Ocean Residences Development Ltd. to be the lead interior designer for M/Y NJORD. The appointment of award-winning architect and super-yacht designer Francesca Muzio, co-founder of FM Architettura, affirms the dedication of M/Y NJORD to create a new language of luxury on board for their discerning residents.

FM Architettura will be working closely with Espen Øino the primary naval architect for M/Y NJORD, responsible for the overall design of the super-yacht. Together their vision will reveal residences of the most outstanding specifications and finish, for an audience looking to move into a different kind of lifestyle and discover a home custom-designed in every detail.

As Francesca explains: “We will design all of our furniture for this project, as with this type of yacht interior the proportions are vital, and the ratio of space to furniture must be perfect, as well as the balance of materials and the atmosphere they create as a whole. Our clients are buying a home for life on board M/Y NJORD, and the centre of our inspiration is always the individual person, their emotional relationship to their home, and their lifestyle. This sense of belonging, together with health, wellbeing and sustainability are the main focus of our designs. Technology is of course integrated into the designs and state-of-the-art facilities, but the true core pillars of FM’s interiors are the four classical elements.

“I like to consider these four elements in my designs: earth, air, fire and water. Earth to me is the use of wood in our designs, be it in the bespoke furniture, flooring or structural partitions, and the air is the lightness around the interiors created by using handmade carpets and bespoke woven textiles which lead the eye around the space. The fire comes into the accents with bespoke bronze furniture, glass or the lighting which we use to punctuate the rooms. And lastly: water. The all-important element, to ensure the flow and balance of the design comes together in its entirety, as these are homes which must have a sense of place.”

Francesca will personally oversee FM Architettura’s interiors in every detail. Their custom design will be the core feature of the main common and public areas of the yacht from deck 04 to deck 09, in addition to a selection of the prestigious luxury residences.

M/Y NJORD is home to a discerning community who share a passion for exploration, voyage and research, creating an intimate circle united by their desire to give back to the planet and share the result of their discoveries. FM Architettura strongly believes that as the facilitator of incredible experiences and travel to untouched and unseen places, M/Y NJORD must be considered a home for her residents: lived in for extended periods of time, each abode develops into a treasure trove of incomparable memories.

The charm and elegance of the interiors derives from the exquisite proportions and clarity of design: pure architectural geometries, wide openings and breath-taking double heights, proposing an unprecedented spatial quality unseen on a private super-yacht.

About this important appointment, Jean-Louis Stutzmann, Chief Design Architect, Ocean Residences Development Ltd says: “It is a great privilege to have Francesca and her team involved in this venture. FM is a world leader in interior design, and works with artisans and craftsmen to make a project really come alive. They continually raise the bar in design and with Francesca’s wide experience she never ceases to surprise and delight.”

Each of our original designs is the result of a unique creative process that begins with exploring the client’s personality, integrating their ideas and discovering their specific passion and lifestyle. Individuality and aspirations are the basis of every project. The FM studio ethos is ‘I am my home’, says Francesca.

“Our vast experience, gained over the years in the world of luxury interiors, has granted us extensive knowledge of the finest and most rare materials in the world. Thanks to our deep roots with the finest Italian craftsmen, and a lifetime of attention to detail we carefully weave together the richest aspects of design, creating the individual depth, soul, and personality for every space.

The design and build of residences are like second nature to Francesca and her talented design team. Just a few of the current super-yacht projects have included the newly launched M/Y Zen 90 m. PJ-816, in conjunction with Nauta Design, built by Feadship; M/Y Freedom 65m dream yacht, under development by Feadship and M/Y 55m PJ-704, built by Feadship.

Francesca has worked on a wide array of distinctive projects, not only in the yachting sphere, but also in the luxury hospitality and private residence sectors. A selection of their most acclaimed projects are M/Y 63m Polar Star, built by Lürssen; M/Y 63m superyacht Oasis, built by Lürssen, the latter winning Boat International’s World Superyacht Awards 2020; the renowned Presidential and Signature suites at the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard, London, and the private ‘Hotel de Charm’ Holy Deer in Piazza Navona, Rome.

Francesca’s eclectic style, her design disciplines and her variety of projects have also led her to join the prestigious panel of acclaimed international judges in the Dezeen Awards 2021, the ultimate accolade for architects and designers worldwide.


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