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Luxury perfume house Clive Christian releases two limited edition perfumes

Clive Christian Perfume celebrates the love story that founded the brand with the release of two limited edition perfumes inspired by the scent of orange blossom.

Celebrating the royal love story, which led to the gifting of the brands iconic crown cap, Clive Christian have redeveloped two brand favourite perfumes with the fresh blooms of orange blossom and its delectable fruit.. 1872 refreshed with the fragrant blossom from a mandarin tree and X with verdant green fruit of Neroli, a bitter orange. An ode to Queen Victoria whose crown proudly adorns every bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this day. refreshing a love story which has lasted throughout the ages.

1872 Mandarin

A vibrant and energetic citrus musk; boasting a 20% perfume concentration and 149 different ingredients for unparalleled complexity and longevity on the skin, this perfume takes the wearer on a journey through a summers orange grove. Mandarin and green accords meet with aromatic juniper-berry delve into sweet violet and a unique citrus fusion which gives longevity to flighty citrus top notes. TOP NOTE: Mandarin HEART NOTE: Violet BASE NOTE: Citrus Fusion

X Neroli

A fresh and exhilarating floral chypre travelling from the heights of green florals to musky sweet depths in perfect balance throughout its 192 ingredients. With a 20% concentration this perfume will last for 8 hours on the skin for a truly immersive scent experience.

Floral and fresh neroli unfurls around green petitgrain whilst a tuberose heart settles into a soft cashmere and musk base with mysterious hints of vetiver and moss. A limited edition of X accented with the verdant fruit of bitter orange and neroli flowers.

TOP NOTE: Neroli HEART NOTE: Tuberose BASE NOTE: Cashmere Fusion

RRP £285


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