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Luxury Boutique Hotel and Organic Farm Cas Gasi introduces new restaurant

Cas Gasi a luxury boutique hotel and organic farm set on four hectares of land in a secluded, idyllic location at the heart of Ibiza’s countryside has announced the launch of a spectacular new restaurant.

Over the past twenty years, the conversion of the original Cas Gasi estate into a year-round luxury boutique hotel has been an on-going evolution closely tied to its owners’ concern for the environment, and the exquisite new restaurant echoes the property’s on-going conscious ethos. For the first time, Cas Gasi’s enchanting setting and organic cuisine will be open to guests beyond those staying at the hotel, thanks to the newly expanded restaurant.

The Cas Gasi restaurant project has evolved substantially over the past two decades. When the property was first opened, owner Luis Trigueros began cooking for the family, eventually extending supper to hotel guests and, over time, bringing on a professional chef and a kitchen staff to provide a full service offering. Throughout the years, Cas Gasi’s culinary experience has evolved to become full-scoping for hotel guests, providing a world-class menu of dishes prepared using organically grown vegetables straight from the property’s farm alongside the finest ingredients from across the island.

“Twenty years ago, we had planned our restaurant in a beautiful space next to the kitchen. We were hesitant to actually build it as we were still wondering whether a restaurant was really necessary,“ says owner Margaret von Korff. “At the same time, the founder of Ibiza’s first small boutique hotel, Tony Pike, came to visit and gave us great advice: create a wonderful suite out of this beautiful space! So we did, and it became the Garden Deluxe Suite, the bestseller among our most sophisticated guests.”

Now, at the dawn of a new decade, the dream restaurant has finally come to fruition. The new space, situated inside what was once Garden Suite 115, features an open kitchen and wood-burning oven. A sabina beam ceiling crowns the room, and oversized windows set into traditional arches face out to the surrounding nature and olive garden. During peak season, guests will enjoy outdoor seating at a variety of tables set out in the garden, with the evenings featuring dining among the olive trees on vast, rustic communal tables.

The food is locally-sourced, using “Zero KM” organic produce grown from Cas Gasi’s very own certified plot and from nearby on the island. The restaurant will offer dishes crafted with the exquisite olive oil produced by the hotel: organic, cold-pressed, virgin olive oil from the Arbequina trees on the hotel’s grounds. The culinary focus will remain on local cuisine with a touch of history, featuring the myriad of culinary influences throughout Ibiza’s storied past, starting back as far as the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and ultimately the Catalans, up to the international tastes brought in by the well-traveled and sophisticated crowds that arrived on the island on the 1960s.

In addition to numerous vegan options, the menu will also feature wild fish, chicken casserole, Ibizan lamb, and all of the wonderfully tasty and freshly prepared vegetables from Cas Gasi’s garden. “With creativity – the essence of the island – as its main focus, what is sure is that everything artistic will have a space there! Cas Gasi is starting a new era after its first 20 years, and we are all very excited,” says von Korff.

Cas Gasi’s sublime location in the pastoral countryside is ideal for a serene, inspirational stay and a truly relaxing holiday. The hotel has long been a standard bearer for conscious hospitality on Ibiza and that tradition continues today after 20 years of world-class hospitality. The new restaurant development is a singularly special experience under the picturesque, unblemished Ibicencan sky above Cas Gasi.

Cas Gasi is open year-round to visitors with room rates from $525 per night.


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