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LOUIS XIII The Time Collection: Tribute to the City of Lights

LOUIS XIII, in conjunction with the Monnaie de Paris and The Cristallerie of Saint-Louis, pays homage to Paris at the time of the luxurious cognac producer’s increasing prosperity. “The Time Collection: Tribute to the City of Lights” is the second opus of The Time Collection, which debuted with “The Origin – 1874.”

Uniquely crafted with the finest materials to commemorate the innovation and creativity of early 20th century Paris, specifically the Paris World Fair of 1900, only 2,000 decanters will be produced for the most dedicated, exclusive LOUIS XIII consumers. This collection wouldn’t be possible without LOUIS XIII’s founder, Paul-Émile Rémy Martin, who presented the cognac to the Paris Universal Exhibition jury; with its masterful, full-bodied flavour, LOUIS XIII was awarded and recognised for its splendour.

The Time Collection combines the divine LOUIS XIII cognac with a specially engineered medal, minted by the Monnaie de Paris, capturing the essence of time with its craftsmanship. To make each decanter even more exclusive, the medal has a unique number, inviting the cognac consumer to be a part of the LOUIS XIII Society – a private members club for connoisseurs.

The decanter’s design by Saint-Louis differs from other LOUIS XIII decanters through its display of 13 dentelle spikes, opposed to the usual 10, and the ornamenting of seven 18 carat champagne gold fleur-de-lys. The Time Collection’s designers took inspiration from a 16th century battle in Jarnac, France for the overall look of the decanter, which resembles an old flask found on the battlefield. The decanter’s stopper was designed in the shape of an upturned decanter, setting it apart from other LOUIS XIII cognacs.

In addition to its exclusivity, the Time Collection: Tribute to the City of Lights debuts LOUIS XIII’s first “Smart Decanter” – the first of any of its kind, in fact – equipped with Near-field Communication technology in the cork stopper of the decanter. The consumer is immediately eligible for membership in a private LOUIS XIII club just through the purchase of this collector’s cognac. The NFC chip, once scanned by the client’s smartphone, gives the client access to special members-only advantages, such as private tastings through the allocation of a personal advisor, pre-releases, and access to a network of like minded cognac connoisseurs.

In London, visit Harrods for an exclusive LOUIS XIII boutique – the brand’s European premiere. LOUIS XIII established its first boutique in Beijing, with the Harrods location springing up shortly after as a part of the Fine Wines & Spirits department. Here, Harrods’ clientele and LOUIS XIII consumers can travel through time to the atmosphere of a 19th century cognac house, decorated with “The Century Wheel” in the room’s centre: a display of LOUIS XIII’s story, time travelling through 10 decades of history. On the walls, 1,200 light points appear through mirrors, etched with acid, to give off a sensory experienced linked with the maturation of LOUIS XIII cognac.


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