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London duo steps up to the challenge with MULO Shoes

MULO was co-founded in London in 2012 by Tobias and Ingrid Cox. Having helped develop successful global brands as diverse as haircare label Bumble & Bumble and New York-based film and photographic finishing studio Box, MULO united their passion for telling authentic stories and a perfectionist pursuit of harmonious detailing with a very personal mission: to elevate the humble jute-and-canvas espadrille that Tobias had worn when sailing across the world into an ultra-versatile smart-casual shoe that could out-last the summer and service almost any occasion.

So strong was the pull that Tobias jettisoned his corporate career to retrain in footwear design and production at Central Saint Martins college of Art & Design, while Ingrid focused on communicating their story.

The first design was created using a silhouette formed on a traditional Oxford last and handcrafted by a family-run company in footwear’s artisanal heartland of Porto, Portugal. That’s since been extended to a suite of slip-on styles that are constantly being upgraded with custom-crafted materials and engineering, translating the charm of the original designs into styles fit-for-purpose when hit with city life.

Still just as passionate about making footwear’s ultimate elevated essential, the London-based duo has been building on the success of its quietly charismatic shoes ever since, steadily evolving a collection of equally understated new styles via fresh materials, prints and original artistic collaborations.

An all-season essential, The Sneaker (pictured above) is the newest member of the MULO family and epitomises our commitment to understated style, an exacting sense of detail and a purist’s pursuit of the perfect materials. $250

Mulo luxurious handmade mens slippers for home-working – and lounging – in style. The shoes that you’ll want to slip on the moment you get home. $225


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