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Life's a beach! 5 of the best beaches to visit in Puerto Rico

With nearly 300 beaches and 270 miles of Caribbean coastline to choose from, Porto Rico offers a sandy retreat for every type of traveller. From active adventure and riding the waves, to relaxing at idyllic island inlets, and indulging in luxury beachfront resorts near San Juan, the idyllic Puerto Rican beach haven awaits, for when we can travel again.

Best award winning beach - Flamenco Beach, Culebra

Flamenco Beach is one of the finest spots of sand in the Caribbean and has been heralded as the second most beautiful beach in the world by The Discovery Channel. Located on Culebra Island off the coast of Puerto Rico, the beach extends for a mile and is framed by majestic hills and tropical palm trees. Known for its crystal clear and calm turquoise waters, the inlet is a haven for snorkeling, swimming and simply relaxing. Consistently ranked as one of the world's best beaches, most recently Flamenco Beach was named in the top 10 of Tripadvisor’s ‘best beaches in the Caribbean for 2021’, making the award-winning beach a dream destination for future travels.

Best black sand beach - Black Sand Beach, Vieques

Black Sand Beach is one of Puerto Rico’s most rare and dramatic beaches, ideal for travellers looking to explore a hidden Caribbean gem. Set against a rugged shoreline, Black Sand Beach is located on the south side of Vieques Island, an enchanting island off the coast of mainland Puerto Rico, home to the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay, a pristine wildlife refuge and a plethora of secret beach escapes. After following a short coastal trail, travellers will be rewarded with the stunning scenery and shifting volcanic sand art of this secluded beach spot.

Best surfing beach - Domes Beach, Rincón

On the northwest tip of Puerto Rico, Domes Beach is a year round surfer’s paradise. Home to some of the best surf breaks on the island, the beach is a hotspot for various surf competitions, including the Corona Pro Surf. Named after the white dome emerging from the surrounding lush vegetation, this beach is best known for whale watching during winter. Migrating humpback whales pass by Rincón from January to March and can be viewed from the historic Punta Higüero lighthouse or from the surf, as the locals do. The winter months are also best for bigger waves and is the best spot from which to experience a spectacular sunrise surf.

Best instagrammable beach - Mar Chiquita, Manatí

Mar Chiquita is one of the most popular natural pools on the north coast of Puerto Rico, a picture perfect spot with glistening azure waters. Mar Chiquita translates to Little Sea, an apt description of the cove protected from the Atlantic sea by two limestone outcroppings that shelter the beautiful beach. A firm favourite on the island, food trucks serve beachgoers traditional Puerto Rican fritters and refreshing drinks on the weekends.

Best luxury hotel beach - Isla Verde, near San Juan

Isla Verde is Puerto Rico’s premier beach destination for family travellers. With an array of luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as close proximity to the heart of San Juan, the palm tree lined beach is a slice of Caribbean heaven. The golden sand shores are divided into three main beaches: Pine Grove, Alambique and Carolina. The latter of which is home to the beachfront Fairmont El San Juan Hotel, Ritz-Carlton San Juan and Courtyard by Marriott Beach Resort, hotels that allow visitors to experience a city slick beach holiday.


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