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Lamborghini FAB Talks on podcast: eight stories of transformation

Automobili Lamborghini’s FAB (Female Advisory Board) has launched the Lamborghini FAB Talks: eight transformational stories from its members, published as podcasts.

The eight women are all part of Lamborghini’s FAB project, established in 2018 to create a dialogue between women across the company, customers, and amongst an entrepreneurial and successful international group of influential and successful females. Each is a challenger; successful in overcoming personal challenge; and united by a drive to change perspectives and drive positive change, now and for the next generations, regardless of gender, social class or circumstance.

The FAB podcasts delve into the transformational stories of the women, who all strongly identify with the Lamborghini brand and the FAB platform as an opportunity to change the status quo. Providing an inspirational insight into each woman’s personal journey, the podcasts provide support and advice for others who may find themselves in parallel situations, and who identify with the pioneering and dynamic spirit of these women and Lamborghini.

‘‘Lamborghini is a brand that itself is constantly transforming, driving for new levels of ground-breaking technologies, innovation and success, addressing and overcoming obstacles to create the Lamborghini of tomorrow. Our recent company transformation came with the arrival of the Urus Super SUV, which brought a third Lamborghini model line, a doubling of our production site and volumes, 700 new hirings and customers of which more than 70% are new to our brand,’’ comments Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer for Automobili Lamborghini. ‘‘Lamborghini’s approach to challenge and change is reflected in the aims of the FAB and in the stories of our members, and we’re proud to tell some of those narratives through our podcast project .’’

The podcasts are available now, featuring stories from Natalia Aranovich, a prominent LA lawyer from Brazil; Denise Yeung, a businesswoman and successful racing driver in Hong Kong; Zena Kaddour, creative director of an Australian jewelry brand; Olga Iserlis, an international event planner based in Singapore; Nathalie McGloin, a successful UK racing driver in a wheelchair and President of the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission; and Natali Itani, a Dubai-based entrepreneur; Kristin Gilkes, a crime-fighting American mathematician and Michele Roberts, executive director of the USA’s National Basketball Players Association.

Since its founding two years ago, FAB members from around the world have participated in meetings, in locations from LA to London, Dubai to Tokyo, and continuing their exchanges via a community-only online portal. The Future FAB - Innovation and Transformation Award for women under 30 was announced by Lamborghini in 2019, recognising innovation in technology, sustainability and art.

The podcasts are available at and to download from all main podcast publishers (Apple Podcast in the ‘‘New & Noteworthy’’ category), Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.


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