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King’s Mansion - Goa's newest wellness destination

In the tropical paradise of Goa, nestled along the shores of the Arabian Sea, King’s Mansion stands as a proud monument to the evolution of luxury wellness: an evidence-based, scientific collaboration of ancient heritage, Ayurvedic medicine, and innovative holistic wellbeing.

King’s Mansion is a brand-new Ayurvedic integrative wellness destination opening in early 2021. Set on the shores of northern Goa, King’s Mansion promises to bring a whole new dimension to wellness - offering a range of personalised, results-focused wellness programmes which combine Ayurvedic philosophies, state-of-the-art medical aesthetics and an international approach to wellbeing.

Owned by Sachiin Joshi, a famous Indian actor and entrepreneur, who has lived his life on the international stage but has always found strength and stability in his passion and connection to Ayurvedic medicine. Specifically, Sachiin’s interest in the contemporary development of traditional Ayurvedic philosophies has inspired him to create the concept of King’s Mansion, which he hopes will be the global reference for Ayurvedic research combined with integrative state-of-the-art medicinal wellness. King’s Mansion is certainly a step away from his international persona, but it is an opportunity for him to create something that speaks to his authentic passion for Ayurvedic medicine and to his love of exciting, high-tech, result-driven wellness.

Programmes will cover areas such as: Detox, Sports Science & Movement, Medical Aesthetics, Weight Management and Revitalisation. Leading spa consultancy, Moss Wellness Consultancy, are behind the spa programming – they also were the faces of leading resorts, Anam Resorts & Four Seasons.


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