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Keeping you in the Loop - New York Times' best earplug 2020

Named by The New York Times as the best earplug of 2020, we couldn't turn a deaf ear and checked them out for ourselves!

The Loop Quiet earplugs reduce noise by 30 decibels. Made of soft silicone, Loop blocks all sound to give you peace and make your world whisper quiet. If you are looking for a deep, restorative night's sleep, or if you have student's back home Tik-Toking at every hour of the day and you want to truly hit the mute button, the Loop Quiet is for you.

The Loop Experience is perfect for parents of young children and is designed not to block them out, but to offer 20db of protection. You can hear them with crystal clarity, but with any high-end yells beautifully softened. The Loop Experience is also perfect for sports enthusiasts, musicians, workmen, motorcyclists and anyone who still needs to hear their environment without hurting their ears.

Both products are washable and reusable, making them far more sustainable than the traditional soft foam products of the past. Each comes with six sets of ear tips and a leather carry case.


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