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KARVE Club offers virtual On Demand fitness classes prior to launch of new Kensington studio

Are you in search of the new virtual workout that will challenge your endurance levels as a studio class would? Here to help us with virtual at-home workouts is the newly launched KARVE On Demand.

Pioneers of the hot new ‘transformer Pilates’ method that is designed to transform both the body and the mind, this new London wellbeing community born in lockdown has cleverly adapted their offering online to champion the 2020 virtual fitness trend and safely support our at-home wellbeing goals.

Offering an exclusive taster of what is to come in their studio and on their bespoke spring loaded machines later this year, the launch of this On Demand subscription means we can all sweat and sculpt at home with minimum equipment and maximum results.

Targeting specific areas of the body, the library of signature high-intensity, low-impact workouts cover abs, legs, upper body, cardio burn workouts and more across PRE-BURN, BURN & POST BURN categories with their endorphin fuelled stretching and meditation sessions for that all important mindfulness to finish.

With their studio opening later this year on Kensington High Street which will feature KARVE’s bespoke spring loaded machines, high-energy classes will follow a series of considered movements - capturing New York’s infectious energy, tailored to London lifestyles.

According to ClassPass, machine based Pilates workouts increased by 39% in 2019. For those chiming in from home without equipment, digital Pilates is also on the rise, with a 16% increase in share of workouts during 2020.

This is where ‘transformer Pilates’ steps in, anticipated to be 2021’s hottest new workout. KARVE founder Yulia has uniquely developed a new endurance-based method with Pilates at its core.

Having spent years in search of a workout that would exercise both the body and the mind, partnered with KARVE’s signature spring loaded machines, each transformer Pilates class ‘karves’ both the body and mind with workouts centring around building slow-twitch muscle fibres to increase body strength and drive the metabolism. Gentle on the joints, each transformer Pilates class follows a sequence of resistance-based, mindful movements that are amplified to ensure transformational results: hence they called it Transformer Pilates.

Sign up here and gain access to their 7 day free On Demand trial now:


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