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Inside Luxury Real Estate: A Chat with Daniel Daggers

Eric Corsaletti, Property Editor for Knightsbridge Magazine, recently sat down with Daniel Daggers, also known as Mr. Super Prime, to get his insights on the luxury property market. Daggers, celebrated for his expertise in selling some of the world's most luxurious properties, shared the secrets behind his success and his views on the future of real estate.

Known as Mr Super Prime, you've become a symbol of success and expertise within the industry. Could you share with us the essence of who you are and what has led you to be recognised as a leading figure in marketing and selling the world's most luxurious properties?

Fundamentally, people trust my judgement and opinion, but it wasn’t always like that. It comes with decades of dedication and commitment to clients, and of course to me. As a young man in 1997, I realised that this business has little to do with property and more about people. If you invest in understanding people, with knowledge of what London has to offer, you can connect the wants and needs of your clients. This has enabled me to help clients anticipate change and made me a valuable partner when looking for advice on buying, selling, and renting real estate.


I’ve also never been one to shy away from taking a different route or afraid to challenge the status quo. In a world of ‘homogeny’, be a differentiator. Either you need to do things better or do things differently, and if you can do both, then it enables you to succeed and add tremendous value to your clients. This has been integral to both my own and DDRE Global’s success in becoming the 6th most influential real estate company across the UK in marketing and selling homes for over £5m in just three and a half years.


What role has social media played in building your brand and generating business? A better question would be how it enables the service industry to build its brand and reach global audiences.

Social media, or like what we like to call ‘digital channels’, is a core part of the very fabric of DDRE Global, and over the next ten years, will also reign supreme across the industry.

Harnessing social media as part of our business model means global reach, especially amongst the new generation of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. It acts not just as a place to connect but also to be found, as platforms like YouTube and TikTok are now rivalling Google as the world’s most influential search functions.


Social media allows us to combine worldwide access and reach with the all-important trust and credibility that comes from a personal brand. For example, it enables us to globally distribute information on ‘off-market’ properties whilst leaving no digital footprint. We control the information, content, and distribution.

DDRE Global is at the forefront in terms of how we leverage social media in prime and super-prime real estate, and our network of advisors is the most knowledgeable, entrepreneurial, and professional in the industry.


In what ways do you believe the UK real estate industry could learn from the US model, and vice versa?

There is a huge amount to learn from the US but also from the likes of Asia, Australia and much of Europe. The real estate industry in the UK seems at times almost resistant to change and is infamously slow to evolve, but the tide is turning… albeit slowly.


What we have the most to learn is the power of a people-first, relationship-led approach when doing business. A trusted relationship with a person who can tap into all markets wins out and is now the deciding factor for clients in terms of who they choose to do business with. They prefer working with one person for security, discretion, and efficiency.


What policy change would you implement to improve the UK real estate market if you had the authority?

I’d implement a licensing system like that of the US, which includes background checks, basic qualifications, and the need to pass an industry-specific exam. This will create a higher barrier of entry and more accountability for the professional advisors.


We should be looking at industry-specific courses (coupled with on-the-job learning and education - becoming a trusted advisor to clients isn’t something you can only learn in a classroom), to raise the standards of those working in the industry and start holding them to account. Additionally, I firmly believe that seasoned agents should pay it forward and be required to be accessible to train associates or those looking for work experience. This helps inspire those looking to enter the industry to perform better and grow in their career.

What qualities do high-net-worth buyers value most in a property agent or broker today?

It’s all about individual relationships. High-net-worth buyers want the reassurance that their advisor has their best interests at heart, and this can only come from a relationship rooted in trust and transparency.

With nearly 60% of your sales being off-market, what trends drive this, and do you see it continuing?

My reputation, track record and personal brand enable me to access properties that others may struggle to do. I am a cheat code to the system. Alongside my reputation, advances in tech and more collaboration between global super agents mean it is now easier to reach the global UHNW whilst flying under the radar.

Some of today’s consumers are increasingly aware of their digital footprints, and the discretion that off-market purchases and sales afford is a key driving factor. Who doesn’t want to buy something no one else has seen?

What developments have recently impressed you, either in the UK or internationally, and why?

London’s super-prime developments have been at the forefront for a long time, and it’s fascinating to watch how the quality, design and innovation continue to improve. That said, it’s also very exciting to see some of the new developments coming out of the ground in locations like Monaco, Dubai, and Miami.


The explosion of branded residences across the globe has been well documented, however I suspect not all will succeed. Guidance around what brands is excelling at delivering high-end specifications with the service the UHNW desires is something to keep an eye on.


If you had an unlimited budget, where would you buy property and why?

A house in Little Venice with a big garden, access to a communal garden and a view over the canal would be a perfect place to call home (I already live around the corner!).

Can you recall a property that truly amazed you, and what made it special?

I have seen homes with shark tanks, bowling alleys, and helicopter pads…so it is hard to

amaze me…


For our readers living in prime central London areas like Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and Mayfair, what unique trends are you observing in these markets?

Watching how these traditional super prime locations manage the cultural aspects of young modern UHNWs who have a more approachable and contemporary attitude to luxury will be interesting to watch. The neighbourhood which can entice and retain these residents will have a massive impact on property values. These three neighbourhoods will work very hard to improve their lifestyle and culture for residents who live there all year round. These new spaces will become the “it” spots for networking, relaxation, and community building.


With the evolving landscape of London's luxury real estate, where do you see the most promising opportunities for investment in these prime areas?

There aren’t many left in prime central London, but for those looking to invest, Bayswater represents decent value. However, so does the house market in Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and Belgravia. Their values have plateaued whilst the new development apartment values have continued to achieve massive premiums, sometimes three times the pound per square foot value of houses nearby.


For those interested in expanding their luxury portfolio, what international markets do you see as rising stars in the luxury real estate sector?

In a world where 64 countries have a general election in 2024, mobile wealth will be looking for where to live and invest. On the other hand, many countries are looking to entice them with favourable domiciled tax structures.

In a snapshot, Marbella has been performing exceptionally well, whilst Monaco is achieving up to €10,000 per square foot for best-in-class super-prime real estate. Both have favourable weather conditions, which will also be a major factor.


Dubai is still an obvious option for expanding an international portfolio, although anyone looking to invest should tread carefully because not all that glitters is gold.

With cash purchases continuing to dominate the market, what opportunities do you see for cash buyers in prime central London amidst the current economic landscape? Keep making offers. The days of being nervous about offending the vendor are long gone, and we are seeing the bottoming out of the market with plenty of opportunities. In most cases, there are reasons for these occurrences, so always take advice. Cash buyers are royalty, although in the past 15 years selling circa 10-15 properties over £10 million a year, I can only remember a handful that required funding before completion. In other words: there are lots of kings and queens.


Given the geopolitical uncertainty and changes worldwide, do you still consider London the best place on earth for luxury real estate investment?

There are no other cities like London. It’s a true global powerhouse for business, connectivity, and lifestyle. Geographically, we are in the best place you could wish for. Prime and super-prime property in London will never go out of style, but the attitude of the younger UHNW is far less romantic about owning property in the greatest city in the world and is more appreciative of the assets' foundational value.

For a bit of fun, if you could choose a historic figure to sell a luxury property to in prime central London, who would it be and why?

Virgil Abloh. Imagine what marketing campaign he would envision - I think it is time to make real estate cool!

And finally, what's the most extravagant or unusual request you've received from a client during your career?

Each client has their wants and needs, and as their trusted advisor it’s our role to deliver on these, but they all share a level of sophistication and ask reasonable things (P.S. – I would never disclose anyway!).

As DDRE Global covers prime central London, are there any expansion plans, and if so, where?

DDRE Global’s network with the best-in-class advisors across the world is unrivalled. We’re advising on properties in the UAE, France, the US, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and South Africa. If you’re asking, ‘Where do we physically go next?’, maybe East, but that’s all I’m saying for now.

Will we see Mr Super Prime on TV soon like "Million-dollar Listing" or "Selling Sunset" given your fame and expertise?

Who knows…we are always open to new opportunities! Never say never.


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