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Imperial Emerald – The new fragrance by The Merchant of Venice

Luxury fragrance house The Merchant of Venice has launched an all-new scent to form part of its Murano Exclusive Collection line, Imperial Emerald. Created by perfumer Jordi Fernandez, Imperial Emerald layers Iris, Egyptian Jasmine and Lily of the Valley over a subtle base of White Musk. The scent typifies the Murano Exclusive line, with its Venetian style and use of precious raw materials.

The perfume was inspired by the beauty and majesty of the peacock. Native to India and Sri Lanka, for centuries the peacock has been interpreted by different cultures as a symbol of immortality and regal bearing. The Merchant of Venice has subsequently masterfully bottled a timeless fragrance befitting royalty that is reminiscent of the scent of an Italian stately garden, when the sun is setting and the hedgerows fragrance the alleyways, £250.


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