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How to decide on the appearance of your door

Whether your current doors are old-fashioned, ugly, not suitable for the walls or furniture, or just degraded and cracked, an upgrade is necessary now and then if painting doors is not enough to change the appearance of your home.

Panelled internal doors have never been more popular. They are not new at all, yet their popularity keeps going up due to the wide variety of models on the market – plus, they can easily match both traditional and contemporary décors. But then, how do you decide on the right style?

Choosing the right door for the living room

People spend most of their time in the living room for clear reasons. That is where the main sofa in the home is, as well as the TV. Sure, the kitchen can compete against it, but nothing compares to keeping your feet on the coffee table while sinking into a comfortable sofa.

Glass panel doors are excellent for living rooms. There are plenty of options here. You can have a couple of large panels, but you can also opt for more than six panels – even up to eight panels. Glass is alright because this room does not require too much privacy anyway – chances are the door will stay open.

Using glass over opaque panels is ideal to let some extra light in. Furthermore, glass panel doors are modern and traditional, so they can complement any style you want. Walls, carpets, floors or furniture will make the difference then.

While not very common, you might be able to find panelled French doors as well, which can swing either way – just a matter of preferences and available space. They are even better if the living room is connected to another room – such as the dining room.

How about the kitchen?

The kitchen is usually the second most popular room in a home – in some homes, it is the primary choice. The kitchen door is supposed to match the overall theme of this special room – fortunately, you can find panel doors for pretty much any style and design.

Classic panel doors are ideal for kitchens because even if you change your kitchen's outlook, they will still match the décor. While not always a general rule, these doors are common in contemporary kitchens. Despite the panels, they have no issues in achieving a perfect appearance.

Shaker doors have a similar appearance – they are cleaner in design, though. Some would describe them as single panel doors. They provide a unique appearance that will last – moreover, they are usually sturdy and highly durable. Generally speaking, they are used in modern homes.

What works for the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most intimate places in your home. While you may not spend hours a day in there, it is still one of the quietest places in the home. Therefore, it pays off finding the right panel door for this environment.

Most people keep it simple and straightforward when it comes to bathroom doors. Therefore, you are more likely to find traditional four panel doors. They are quite detailed and good-looking and may feel both simple and sophisticated. The design is simple and great for both modern and classic homes.

Sliding doors come in more styles, and you can also find panelled models. They are not extremely common, yet they represent a stylish addition to any bathroom out there. Pocket doors are even better if you have the design for this model – thick walls and space inside them for the door.

Never overlook the bedroom

Panel doors are classic when it comes to bedrooms. They are extremely popular for their slight sophistication, as well as their simplicity. The diversity makes the difference – there is something for everyone out there.

Besides, panel doors provide privacy and work with all environments.

Now, panel doors are not always hinged on one side. Sometimes, different types of doors may approach the same appearance. For instance, take a look at sliding doors, which are usually smooth but also available in panelled varieties.

They are neat and modern. However, they are more common for closets, yet many homeowners choose to use them as main bedroom doors. Why? Simple – they save plenty of space, so they work wonders in small bedrooms.

Last, but not least, while mostly used for closets and wardrobes, bi-folding panel doors may also be used to enter bedrooms. They are used if the space is limited, and they come in numerous designs – you can also find bi-folding panel doors with foggy glass instead of actual panels.

Whether you only need to replace one door in your home or you refresh the whole place, keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to keep the same style throughout the whole home. Most homeowners do because they believe in a unitary style, but this is only a misconception.

Different parts of the home can be enhanced with different styles and colours.

In the end, the style is one of the most important considerations when looking for new panel doors. Other important aspects to keep in mind include the type of door, construction, materials, and colours.


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