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Here's how to get on the path of becoming a coffee master

To become a master at making coffee, you need to know the ABCs of coffee. You can start experimenting with different tastes and types of coffee, or perhaps get a job at a coffee shop where they can teach you their tips and tricks. Time and practice will be your best friends if you're on the path to becoming a coffee master. We compiled a few secret tips and tricks from well-trained baristas that can help you become a coffee master.

1. Know All the Basics

Before you can apply and master your barista techniques, you need to have some basic knowledge about coffee; after all, you can't read a book without knowing your ABCs, right? Basic coffee knowledge includes knowing about:

  • Coffee profiles: Is the coffee acidic or sweet? Does it have a rich flavor profile or a strong one?

  • Processing and roasting: Is the coffee a blend or is it single origin? Where is the coffee origin? Is it a darker roast or a lighter roast?

  • Brewing: Can you extract the roast through just water? How much water do you need to brew? Does your brew need water to be at the required temperature?

2. Grind Your Coffee

One of the most crucial aspects of coffee making is grinding your coffee. Grinding makes sure that your coffee brew stays fresh and tasty. Because it can be a strenuous task, most people prefer to use coffee pod makers instead of grinding because it affects the extraction rate of the coffee. For instance, if you finely grind your coffee, you can extract it at a much faster pace with a relatively slow flow of water.

3. Brew Your Espresso

A variety of skills are required for espresso making; you need to learn about the art of tamping, pre-infusion, and flow profiling. However, whether or not you require these skills for espresso making depends on the type of espresso machine you use.

4. Experiment With Latte Art

One of the most difficult parts of becoming a coffee master is being able to hold your own with coffee art; this will require a bit of time, practice, and patience. Steaming and creating the perfect milk texture will allow you to have a beautiful pour. There are different types of jugs that you can use for your latte art; the size and spout of the jug significantly impact how you pour your milk into the coffee cup.

5. Clean Your Equipment

Last but not least - always remember to clean your equipment. You might have to clean out your fridge and espresso machine daily or weekly, depending on how often you use them. Hygiene is not to be forgotten on your journey to becoming a coffee master.

Coffee is a source of comfort to many people, but there are only so many times you can go out to get a cup of coffee. Mastering the art of coffee making can help you whip up a cup of coffee for yourself in no time. All you have to do is follow the tips we’ve given above. If you master these skills, then you’ll very soon become a pro at making coffee! You can then wow all your friends and family by making them a nice, steaming cup of coffee.


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