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Help the bees with YOPE natural skincare

YOPE is a family and lifestyle brand with honest values, focused on the environment, consistent with the slow life philosophy. They create high quality natural soaps, moisturisers, creams, bathing and hair care products, as well as natural and effective household products. All YOPE products are made with up to 99% natural and minimally processed ingredients.

YOPE Skincare

Taking inspiration from vibrant botanicals, world travels, childhood memories and the four seasons, YOPE creates high quality products with elaborate, natural and effective formulas, intriguing, distinctive fragrances and beautiful, fun, eye catching designs. Their products are friendly to people, animals and the environment.

YOPE has just launched the Linden skincare range – Natural Hand Soap, Natural Shower gel and Natural Body Lotion. These products feature YOPE’s signature fragrance inspired by the scent of sun-kissed linden blossoms on a warm spring day. And because both are rich and nourishing, they leave skin supple and softly-scented with a subtle fragrance that lingers.

The YOPE Linden range combines natural ingredients and a lively scent with a wide-reaching effort to save the bees and promote environmental awareness. The Linden line is their first range with a wholesome mission.

YOPE believes that it’s their responsibility to help restore the habitat for plants and animals, and to invite customers to become a part of this process. After all, with every passing year there are fewer and fewer bees to pollinate our plants, and it’s up to us to support them. That’s why they donate part of their profit from the sale of Linden products to a charity that’s planting meadows in urban areas. Together, they’re giving millions of pollinators a home which is making a difference to our ecosystem.

This year, YOPE are working with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to expand their activities globally. By purchasing YOPE Linden Line products, you are joining #beeYOPE and helping the bees! 5% of profits from Linden Hand Soap and Linden Shower Gel is donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

YOPE are inspired to continue their environmental activities and achieve better results. Every little action counts if we are all in this together.

Under the slogan #beeYOPE, they have combined what is valuable to them: the care for bees and the natural environment, as well as an invitation to protect nature. Thanks to the sale of their Linden Line series, they have been proudly supporting pollinators since 2018.


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