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Harrods iconic hampers to enjoy at home for the holidays

Elevate Christmas with artisanal goods from Harrods iconic Food Halls. We selected our favourites full of delicious confectionery, tins of loose-leaf tea, jarred condiments, and exquisite bottles of wines.

The Knightsbridge Hamper

Brimming with essential treats for the festival season including the famous Christmas pudding, mince pies, red and white wine alongside Blanc de Blanc Champagne to celebrate the season, £250.

The Food Hall Collection

A curated homage to our vast selection, this hamper comprises of a crowd-pleasing line-up of epicurean delights including wines, teas, sweet and savoury biscuits and marmalades, £150.

The Sharing Hamper

Encased in the signature wicker basket, this hamper showcases a selection of drinks and snacks to suit every taste from a variety of teas and coffees to sweet and savoury indulgent treats, £150.

The Vegan Hamper

An array of delectable treats is included in this hamper with a selection of coffee, hot chocolate, black and herbal teas, Turkish delight, creamy fondants and fruity preserves, £125.


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