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Green news from Colombia, the 2nd most biodiverse country in the world

Colombia is the 2nd most biodiverse country on earth, accounting for 10% of the Earth’s flora and fauna. It is not only home to over 51,000 species of animals and plants but also boasts the most number of species of birds in the world! To date 15.6% of the national territory corresponds to protected area but Colombia is continuing to drive its green initiative.


Actions Taken: Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Tourism has presented a new bill to amend the General Law of Tourism, with sustainability at its core. It formally recognises the importance of the protection of the environment and local communities, positioning them as a crucial, leading principles for the recovery of Colombia’s tourism industry following the pandemic.

A Green stay: Secrets of Colombia

Secretos de Colombia, Secrets of Colombia, is a newly-formed coalition of thirteen boutique hotels, committed to driving conservation, working with local communities, respecting local traditions and promoting alternative tourist destinations.

Each hotel offers an intimate and authentic experience which helps preserve the local environment and support local communities. The Corocora Camp offers luxurious tented accommodation in the wetland savannahs of Los Llanos. Working closely with the El Encanto de Guanapalo Nature Reserve – a highly vulnerable ecosystem in Colombia – Corocora funds local wildlife conservation projects and invites guests to participate too. It has also developed a local community education project, called ‘Guardians of Guanapalo’, to educate young locals about conservation and prevent illegal wildlife trafficking in the area.


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