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Go All-In On Christophe Claret Poker Watch

Poker is a game for all people, played in some of the most luxurious casinos worldwide.

It also appeals in the smoky backrooms of people’s homes, but the quintessential poker imagery is that of James Bond in Casino Royale and a stylish Daniel Craig pitting his wits against Mads Mikkelsen for high stakes. That’s the poker many aspire to, surrounded by beautiful people in a luxurious establishment perched on a Monaco hillside. You can bring a little of that luxury into your life with a Christophe Claret Poker Watch, a limited-edition wrist piece available only to those of certain means. Europa Star report that it was originally conceived as part of Claret’s gaming trilogy, joining Baccara and Blackjack. With a book price of €180,000, it really is the epitome of quality horology and a great accompaniment for the genuine poker high-roller. It comes from Christophe Claret, one of the world’s top watchmakers and an innovator in the field. The popularity of poker has exploded in recent years due to online platforms offering a version of the game that is similar to the actual experience. The live poker tables on Gala Casino demonstrate how extensive the game can be, with games ranging from 3-card poker to the most popular - Texas Hold’em. And it is the most popular game that this timepiece focuses on, uniquely delivering a full Texas Hold’em experience for three players purely using watch mechanics. There are no fewer than 32,768 potential hands in a poker game, and this beautiful watch replicates that for three players, a total of 98,304 different hands. It isn’t a digital representation of the game, and it took two years to perfect the intricate workings before the watch was released. There are no downloads, no ‘on button’, just a phenomenal piece of engineering and intricacy unrivalled in the poker watch field.

If you look beneath the surface, there’s also a functioning roulette wheel built-in. Beneath the sapphire crystal case back, you can find the roulette wheel, operated by a quick shake of the watch. A friction system then controls when the roulette wheel stops spinning, and a winner is declared. It is another lovely gaming touch to a great timepiece that will delight hardcore casino fans. As Britannica notes, roulette is a casino game, and rarely will one find a version of roulette being played in someone’s home. All of this is encased in a titanium case, with a range of options in terms of colour. You can obtain a red gold, and black PVD treated grade five titanium case, as well as combinations of red gold and titanium and natural titanium, all with a black alligator leather strap. The makers claim it is the watch that the term ‘game changing’ was invented for, and they might just be right. This illustrious timepiece is limited to just 20 pieces, which means it is as unique as winning a big hand in the casinos of Monaco, and it is only likely to be found on the wrists of the biggest, most successful poker players and fans in the world. As something of a side issue, it also tells the time! The poker watch won’t be for everyone; its price tag makes it quite a decadent purchase that will only be within reach of a few. Still, it is a beautiful piece that will make a strong statement were you to place one upon your wrist the next time you go to a casino.


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