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Give the gift of GRAFF - Enchanting signature collections from famed British jeweller

This festive season, Graff’s collections of contemporary and classic everyday diamond jewels make the perfect gift – radiant expressions of love to be cherished all year round. Here is our selection of our favourite pieces from each beautiful collection.


A graphic design starring a web of interconnected diamonds, Threads jewels celebrate how we share moments and memories across a worldwide network, our paths crossing and diverging with fate, eternally altered by those who meet and move us.


The distinctively feminine bow motif can be traced back to 17th century European jewellery design and remains a classic and eternally charming silhouette.

During the transition of the Renaissance period into the Baroque era, figurative and naturalistic deigns were introduced into the jewellery designs of the period, incorporating faceted gemstones to highlight the wealth and prominence of the wearer.

Inspired by the delicate ribbon traditionally used to tie a jewel to a garment, the ornate bow motif has been celebrated ever since.


Two lovers, two friends, two diamonds, ever entwined. The eternal emblem of the Toi & Moi has now been re-imagined by the Graff design studio, transforming a love token into a modern icon.

Each pear shape diamond symbolises one half of the love story, connected by custom-cut diamonds to its perpetual partner.


The iconic Graff Butterfly collection takes flight with elegant new jewels that capture the exquisite delicacy of the natural world.

Graff expands its signature Butterfly collection with delicate new pieces designed to be work every day, including effortless contemporary between-the finger rings and a stylish sautoir necklace.

A longstanding influence on the House of Graff, throughout its history the butterfly has inspired many enthralling diamond designs. Each is a sparking tribute to these majestic creatures, which have long been celebrated for their elegance and ephemeral beauty.

Inspired by Twombly

One of the world’s foremost collectors of modern art, Laurence Graff O.B.E’s enduring love of the 20th century art scene inspired the poetic Inspired by Twombly collection.

Echoing the free-flowing lines and exuberant creativity of Twombly’s artworks, the collection encompasses spectacular high jewellery pieces and swirling jewellery timepieces alongside delicate new jewels deigned to be worn every day. Each features the same fluid loops as the original Inspired by Twombly jewels, giving a thrilling sense of three-dimensionality to each creation.


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