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Gemfields, the emerald and ruby experts, share how to style coloured gemstones

From stacking rings to layering necklaces and mismatching earrings, coloured gems are designed to be worn playfully. The glamour of rubies and emeralds will give uplift to any outfit and help create a personal style statement.

Each and every gemstone is as unique as the person who wears it, with colour, character and inclusions all their own. The decision of how to style gems is a highly individual one, with no hard-and-fast rules: some opt for subtle jewels that blend in and offer understated, everyday styling, while others go for bold colour clashes and eye popping statement pieces.

Coloured gems aren’t just for jewellery…

However they are worn, coloured gemstones will bring any outfit to life with their vivid hues and inimitable character. And their utility isn’t limited to the obvious items of jewellery: earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Francis De Lara’s quirky sunglasses, featuring a ruby teardrop, represent a novel way of incorporating gems into a look.

Don’t stop at one…

Layering necklaces is a perfect way to tap into the trend for ‘maximalist’ styling. AYA’s range of pendants featuring Gemfields’ Mozambican rubies on delicate gold chains are perfect for this: layering one over the other creates an elegant mesh effect, a playful look that can dress up a simple outfit without overpowering it and help one transition from day into evening.

Similarly, the maxim of ‘less is more’ does not apply to rings. From Sandy Leong’s Zambian emerald twists and coils, to the more classic bands in Fabergé’s ‘Colours of Love’ collection, stacking them high and mix and matching different ring types works a treat, transforming the hand into an artistic canvas.

Find a trademark style…

Why not go all-in for one coloured gemstone piece and make it a trademark style? Whatever the chosen go-to is, it can be styled and paired with any outfit, formal or casual: the jewellery equivalent of having a signature scent. This could be something as simple as a necklace with one or two emeralds, from the likes of Fehmida Lakhany or Margery Hirschey, or something bolder, like Valani Atelier’s bracelet with its solid band of emeralds or Misahara’s Water Lily ring, featuring a single emerald with ‘wow’ factor.

The power of colour…

Intrinsic to the wearing of coloured gemstones is an understanding of the power of colour itself. Red projects power and passion, while green connotes rebirth, growth, hope and renewal. Harness this power by colour blocking GFG Jewellery by Nilufer’s emerald star earrings with an orange outfit to embrace colour and push boundaries. Or, take it one step further and clash colours – perhaps pairing ruby earrings from Bina Goenka with bright blue, green or yellow for something more complex and visually arresting.

When it comes to getting the most out of coloured gemstone jewellery, the key is to wear it in a way that is brave, bold and beautiful, allowing each utterly unique gem to tell its wearer’s story.

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