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For those in the know at Amazónico!

Amazónico has unlocked access to London’s most exclusive space in Mayfair! The invite only ‘club’ is now open to the public post lockdown.

The restaurant that has become the talk of the town - Amazónico restaurant- known for its impressive open kitchen, nightly live jazz, energetic DJ sets and dazzling atmosphere, Amazónico London gained overnight fame. There is, however, something that the queues of guests in Mayfair didn’t know. Amazónico was keeping a very chic secret.

Located underneath the restaurant, those ‘in the know’ were whisked through Amazónico’s kitchen via a discreet doorway to descend a golden-clad staircase into the hidden ‘club’. The space, which has never been publicized or officially named, was previously invite only. With no membership and no way to request or guarantee access, this really was London’s most exclusive night out. Just as Amazónico above is inspired by the rain forest, this secret speakeasy takes you through a South American cenote, a deep natural sinkhole that transports you to the undersea world.

The bar has a spectacular list of exclusive cocktails, rare spirits and champagnes in ornate bespoke glass wear. Together with a large selection of vintage Krug and Dom Perigon, the bar stocks Hennessy Timeless, available to buy at £35,000 a bottle. Or, for rum lovers, guests can try Neisson 1997, from the 35th out of just 70 bottles worldwide.

There are two known cocktails available at the bar that will not be served upstairs:

THE RITUAL: A twist on a classic Manhattan based on a premium Guatemala rum, Zacapa XO, with notes of coffee, herbs, spices and a balsamic vermouth. A perfect aperitive but also wonderful after dinner.

SEA-TRON: A refreshing and fruity long style drink, based on premium French Vodka, Ciroc, with notes of citrus and melon. The drink is topped with Ruinart Blanc de Blanc which gives to the cocktail amazing floral and fruity notes and a beautiful golden pale yellow colour.

Designed by internationally renowned artist Lázaro Rosa-Violan, the space instantly transports you beneath the water. Blue stucco walls blend into the ceiling using curves, where the cenotes stand out with light to illuminate the room. The floor is a continuous carpet, emphasising the mysterious shadows light creates on water. Columns are covered with sequins and textured glass to emphasise water dropping down. The front of the bar is made with handmade pieces of resin to create a seashell wall. Lighting comes only from the cenotes and from the main feature, the opulent golden octopus, hanging on top of the DJ booth.

The 40 covers will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, with no reservations being taken.

Head of Bars, Edoardo Casarotto, comments: “I have worked in some incredibly beautiful bars, in London and around the world but this space really is the jewel in the crown.

When it was by invitation only, it was only ever seen by a select few. Now, by opening it up, I am so excited for more people to experience it. It is like a journey beneath the ocean. Everything, from the premium bottles we stock, to the inventive cocktails we make to the décor and the surroundings, it is truly unique and luxurious.

So many people have missed going out to a special place during lockdown, this makes opening this bar now, more special than ever. Very few could imagine opening a space like this during times like these and we are particularly excited to do that, with of course, the required measures in place.

I look forward to meeting Londoners and visitors there and, as some become regulars, to introducing them to some exclusive off menu cocktails too.”


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