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For healthy, delicious dinners – we discovered a Foodhak!

I’m sure that you can appreciate that as the Publisher of numerous luxury-lifestyle magazines I am inundated with requests from Public Relations agencies to feature their clients. After 25 years working within Media my PR contact network is truly extensive, and each agency / contact has numerous clients with innovative business ventures that are ‘ideal’ for coverage in our magazines!

Thus, it is truly satisfying when I am introduced to a brand that is relevant, topical, is newsworthy for our readers and I genuinely wish I’d thought of – and so it was, with the introduction to Foodhak.

Firstly, to lay my cards on the (dining) table – I am a card-carrying, bona-fine carnivore. A long-time PR friend asked me to visit one of her clients as a favour – and knowing my lust for meat – prewarned me that it was to sample some vegan food items – as shocked as I am to write this – believe me when I say that I’m truly happy I did.

We were invited to meet the founder and entrepreneur behind Foodhak – the truly charming and exceptionally lovely Sakshi – and sample some of her dishes. No fancy corporate offices, no PowerPoint presentations, and no team of marketing gurus to accompany our food tasting. Simply an invitation to Sakshi’s lovely home to sample the food straight out of the pouches once heated – just as their subscribers do.

Foodhak is a subscription-based vegan/gluten-fee/healthy food business that is not only great for your body and health but tastes as good as any dish at many leading restaurants. Taking flavours and innovatively created recipes the options take you in an international culinary journey that would satisfy the most demanding of epicureans.

FoodHak takes all the clinical research on food (no mean feat when about 30,000 papers get published every year) and then combines this knowledge with ingredients renowned for their healing properties to create great tasting dishes that will boost every aspect of the human body.

With the help of the brand’s proprietary data models, Sakshi and her team of experts are able to create plant based dishes that are all anti-inflammatory, low GI and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar! The AI recipe generator helps to add variety every month, with a constantly revolving and evolving collection of recipes that span cuisines from around the world.

Whether it’s the immune or nervous systems, vital organs, blood pressure or cognitive function, the idea is to eat food as medicine so as not to eat medicine as food! Armed with this data and an array of antioxidant ingredients, she and her chefs developed an array of health-focussed Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean dishes.

UK-wide subscribers, whose number is growing substantially every week, receive a weekly box with premium, ready-to-eat meals for the week, created in consultation with FoodHak’s medical experts. Prices start at just £6.25 a dish which is lower than many supermarket ready meals.

Ordering from FoodHak couldn’t be simpler. First subscribers choose the number of people in their family and the amount of meals per day required. They are then asked to select from a variety of dishes and cuisines, all with taste and health at their core.

FoodHak’s chefs then get to work and fresh meals are delivered every week between Tuesday and Friday. Come mealtimes there is no prep, no mess just a nutritious meal ready in minutes. Crucially there is no lock in with FoodHak and subscribers can pause or cancel at any point for free and without obligation.

The health and medical contributions are all great and good - but the bottom line is the meals taste truly fabulous. Not their jingle but mine (as a journalist and would-be marketing genius might be) – Please subscribe and let your tastebuds decide!

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