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Floral wedding trends 2022 from Blooming Haus

With the number of weddings expected to reach 2.5million, the most since 1984, according to the Wedding Report, Blooming Haus - one of the UK’s most innovative floral design studios has predicted the following floral wedding trends for 2022.

Colour Blocking

This year opposites attract. Daring and beautiful colours will complement soft bridal gowns and make a real statement. Bold yellows which for a wedding suitably symbolises happiness and warmth, complemented by dark chocolate browns are the desired look they expect to see this year.


Refreshingly, Blooming Haus have noticed the issue of sustainability is playing a bigger part in choosing a floral design. Wedding couples realise that sourcing out of season flowers, such as peonies in the winter, involves importing them thousands of miles and appreciate their wedding can leave an awfully big footprint!

Sequel Weddings

A trend that is becoming more common, mainly due to the pandemic has been the sequel wedding. The sequel wedding allows couples the chance to have more than one celebration – be it a small registry type-style gathering in the winter, then choosing a summer date for a larger celebration, with more friends and family. This also means they can enjoy seasonal blooms for both gatherings. Going forward, Blooming Haus predict the sequel wedding will be a more permanent fixture.

Nature-inspired Designs

Besides the innovative and striking designs that are conjured up, one thing that really is key in Blooming Haus’ practices is their work with nature. Both Michal and Michael share a real love of the environment and take a lot of their inspiration from nature, the duo like nothing more than foraging around woodlands on a Sunday afternoon, which they believe assist them with the floral artistry they create. Creating designs that are more organic and natural for weddings are becoming more popular amongst their clients.


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