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Endeavour for exclusivity at Glenapp Castle

The luxury, award-winning five-star hotel in Ayrshire, Scotland, Glenapp Castle, is set to launch The Endeavour, its brand new penthouse apartment in January 2021. Through the conversion of the castle’s entire top floor, the Endeavour provides 4,500 sq ft of luxurious accommodation.

This penthouse is made up of four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a lounge with a dining room for up to 16 guests, a beautiful TV snug with seating for 12, sauna, library, a games room, a private lift and a personal treatment room for massages and beauty treatments.

Offered on an exclusive and private basis with a full butler service and private chef, those travelling with their family will be able to enjoy the luxury of the hotel in complete privacy.

However, if guests are able to be torn away from The Endeavour with its views of Ailsa Craig and Northern Ireland, the hotel also offers a magical Sea Safari to explore the Scottish waters in search of incredible wildlife aboard the Glenapp Castle boat.


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