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EDEN Gallery London Unveils Double Exhibition: A Fusion of Natural Beauty and Culinary Artistry

On May 23rd, 2024, EDEN Gallery London will unveil its latest double exhibition, "A Symphony of Art," a unique celebration of contemporary creativity and diversity. Located at 103 New Bond Street, this vibrant gallery space will host two complementary exhibitions: "Natural Elegance" and "Feast Your Eyes." Art enthusiasts are invited to join the grand opening at 6:00 PM, promising an evening filled with exclusive festivities and an immersive art experience. While the grand opening is open to the public, an RSVP is required, which can be completed on EDEN Gallery’s exhibition page on its website.

"Natural Elegance" will feature the ethereal butterfly montages of SN and the intricate feather masterworks of Daniel Gastaud. SN, an artist who believes that art should nourish both the heart and the eye, uses a mix of canvas, mixed media, charcoal, oil paints, and dried butterflies to create pieces where the background serves as a melodic enhancement to the subject's beauty. His newer works are three-dimensional with his signature mounted butterflies being used to showcase his passion for nature. 

Daniel Gastaud's art is a striking blend of pop art and conceptualisation. His artworks are particularly notable for their use of one predominant colour that contrasts with darker shades of the painting, creating a dynamic visual impact. Gastaud's feather masterworks illustrate the delicate beauty of nature that evokes elegance and sophistication.

"Feast Your Eyes," will allow art enthusiasts to encounter the vivid creations of David Gerstein and the culinary-inspired artworks of Kunst met een R. David Gerstein, renowned for his evolution from figurative painting to three-dimensional art in the late 1970s, showcases his signature free-standing cutout images. Utilising wood and industrial paint, Gerstein's works burst with vibrant colours and forms that capture the essence of everyday life with a pop art twist. His technique of eliminating backgrounds and traditional framing invites viewers to experience art in an immersive visual experience. 

Kunst met een R, known for their satirical take on popular culture, presents viewers with hand-sculpted amicable characters arranged within shadow boxes. Their whimsical scenes, inspired by commonplace affairs, familiar subjects, and culinary delights, provide a humorous depiction of consumerism. Each piece invites reflection on societal norms, encouraging viewers to engage with art through a lens of wit and irony.

For those interested in being the first to experience "A Symphony of Art," RSVPs can be made through EDEN Gallery’s exhibition page. 

Grand Opening Date & Time: 

Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

6:00 PM

EDEN Gallery London

103 New Bond St, London W1S 1ST UK

RSVP Required

After opening night, the exhibition will remain open for two weeks and is free to the public with no RSVP required, welcoming all to immerse themselves in the imaginative and thought-provoking world of contemporary art at EDEN Gallery London.

EDEN Gallery’s latest exhibition stands as a testament to its commitment to fostering creativity and offering a dedicated space where art can be celebrated in all forms. Whether you are drawn to the delicate beauty of SN's butterflies, the depth of Gastaud's feathers, the vibrant energy of Gerstein's cutouts, or the playful satire of Kunst met een R, "A Symphony of Art" promises an unforgettable journey through the diverse landscapes of contemporary art.


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