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Dive into travel with Cookson Adventures ultimate submersible experience

Cookson Adventures, the world’s leading luxury experiential travel company, has collaborated with U-Boat Worx, makers of the world’s leading personal submersibles, to offer the ultimate gift this year, a sub training experience as part of a superyacht trip in Curaçao, ABC Islands.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for guests to control their own dive, in comfort and safety for much longer periods and deeper than ever before, alongside loved ones.

Think world's coolest ‘track-day’. It’s also a great present for a friend/ spouse who (nearly) has it all.

Once guest's have learned how to pilot, they will be able to dive the sub for the rest of the voyage. They'd sail onto Aruba, which is scattered with shipwrecks, and then onto Bonaire for its aquarium like waters. Both are ideal sub destinations.

With a leading shark expert onboard, you'll be shown an array of species unbothered by their presence. From the filter-feeding whale shark – the largest fish in the ocean – to juvenile lemon sharks resting on the coral banks, the king of the food chain is often a daily sighting.

Throughout, they'd also provide the usual amazing CA bolt-ons, such as having your family deserted on an island with a survival guide, learning how to fish with minimal supplies and live under the stars for the night.

Cookson Adventures could also design custom treasure hunts that have educational value, perfect for young families. You'd be hopping between islands to find clues and encountering "pirates" along the way. For older groups of friends, they could even plan extravagant parties on private Caribbean beaches as they specialise in building camps tailored to guests’ exact requirements.

The very starting cost for the 7-day submersible charter is $92,000. This includes the U-Boat Worx support crew and a dedicated pilot instructor for the guests.


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