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Discover classic handmade luxury with La Maison London

For nearly a quarter of a century now, La Maison London has set the stage and has been a leading light in the world of antiques and tailor-made handcrafted furniture. They have not only become the ‘go to’ for their coveted collection of antiques but from their Willesden workshops, employ a team of master craftsmen to carve, gild and French polish exquisite pieces created using time-honoured techniques in furniture craftsmanship.

There has been a marked return to bringing beauty into our homes with well-crafted furniture made in natural materials to reignite our connection with nature and its invigorating qualities. French founders and directors of this family-run business, Louise and Guillaume Bacou, are the visionary couple behind this London-based business. There is huge demand for their distinctive and cool maximalist furniture which injects the ‘joie de vivre’ of colour. Their workshops are a hive of creative possibility offering bespoke design and a full range of finishes, from gilded metals to lacquers all made to order on any manner of different sized projects…London townhouses, moated French chateaux and the very latest and best international hotels.

With a customer-base that reads like a ‘Celebrity 'Who’s Who'', over the years La Maison London have created, designed, and delivered their ostentatious beds and furniture to everyone from Keira Knightley, Rolling Stones drummer - Charlie Watts, and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, to Jules & Jamie Oliver and Ewan McGregor. Indeed, the bed that La Maison London designed and crafted for Alexander McQueen became so sought after by customers looking for that unique flair for design - a rare combination of style and passion that underpins La Maison London’s aesthetic - that it has become referred to as the McQueen bed! The beds, hand-crafted, carved, gilded and created by La Maison London have come to define the unique tailor-made oeuvre of beauty and rock ‘n roll for which this business has become famed.

“Our bedrooms are the place to dream and to free our minds as well as rest” says Louise Bacou “Our beds are created and crafted to capture the allure, beauty and magnificence of the outside world and of other places. Our Louis XV and Louis XVl leaf and flower carvings which are a feature of La Maison London’s beds, bring the beauty and artistry of nature, inside."

The Made in House furniture is often commissioned to sit side by side with De Gournay wallpaper or upholstered in silks from esteemed fabric houses including Lelievere and Rubelli.

The creativity behind the practice places La Maison London squarely at the forefront of the rebirth of Maximalism where much of their gilded or lacquered furniture in vivid pops of colour sit in juxtaposition with contrasting delicate antiqued carving and canework.

People are seeking furniture that inspires. We are seeing a return to antiques – pieces that have life and a story and bring restorative beauty back to our homes. La Maison London has 25 years of heritage curating their exciting antiques which they still sell today. Their glamorous hand-crafted beds, salon sofas, tables, and chairs - so uniquely created and tailored to reflect the personality of each owner - are beautifully complemented by collections of their delicate antiques.

Through their expertise in antiques, La Maison London learnt to recreate some of the exquisite detailing and carving which is now applied to their sought-after furniture. Pieces are made according to time honoured tradition using many pre-industrial methods to achieve the very highest quality. Everything La Maison London does is handmade, well made and truly sustainable. Furniture which will stand the test of time - to enjoy and be enjoyed for generations.


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