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Dior Watches presents the Dior Grand Soir Aquarelle

The Dior Grand Soir Botanic collection unveils two new high timepieces inspired by a fairy-tale garden filled with soft and refined flowers.

The Dior Grand Soir Aquarelle collection is a tribute to Monsieur Dior’s subtle creative process and to his passion for art. We can easily picture Monsieur Dior with his paintbrush and colour palette carefully painting this dial, while letting the ink slowly infuse the fabric.

These precious timekeepers play with volumes and give the illusion that the flower is blossoming under the glass. On top of the colour-infused petals, lies a precious flower-heart made of pink gold, sapphires, pink sapphires and tinted glass. As the watercolour flows, the heart and pistils sparkle preciously as if immortalised under the watch glass. These delicate brushstrokes and this evanescent flower-heart are enhanced by a snow-set diamond bezel.

Monsieur Dior’s ink spreads beyond the dial, tinting the white leather bracelet. Just as refined on their reverse side, these timepieces are equipped with a quartz movement and a time-setting corrector, revealing a polished gold case-back engraved with a flower.

Limited edition of 18 pieces


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