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DelMago Drinks, a new collection of ‘Made in Italy’ bottled cocktails and spirits

Meaning ‘The Magician’s Drinks’ in Italian, DelMago Drinks is founded by renowned Italian Michelin-starred chef Marcello “Il Mago” Trentini, known for the creative and whimsical cuisine at his Michelin-starred Magorabin restaurant in Turin and his UK business partner Gaia Enria, who for years has delighted fresh pasta lovers in London with Burro e Salvia, the capital’s original pastificio, in Shoreditch. The new collection encompasses eight products in total: four bottled cocktails and four spirits - each combining artisanal character with a creative gastronomic approach to distilling and mixology.

Produced entirely in Piedmont, Italy, the four ‘ready to pour’ cocktail favourites are Negroni, Boulevardier, Vesper and Milano-Torino (or Mi-To). To create the perfect cocktail, simply pour 100ml straight from the bottle into a tumbler full of ice and garnish with the preferred citrus wedge. The four spirits in the collection, with which the cocktails are created, include a gin and three Italian classics: a red vermouth, a white bianco chinato and a bitter.

All eight products in the DelMago Drinks collection come from traditional ‘old school’ Italian recipes, yet given a signature modern twist by chef Marcello himself. A passionate drinks connoisseur for many years, he has always offered cocktails, as well as wine, as part of the gastronomical experience at Magarobin: “A great drink is nothing more than the liquid version of a gourmet dish. And this is what we have created with DelMago! Our Negroni, for example, is a perfectly balanced and traditional Negroni, but with the added twist of wild thyme surprises with a refreshing, citrusy aroma.” says Marcello.

Gaia further comments, “All of our DelMago creations have their own unique flavour balance and personality, that distinguishes them when experienced neat, but also in the cocktail in which they are used. Our great strength is quite simple: we do not use commercial products in our spirits and cocktails, they’re all exclusively crafted using locally-sourced artisanal ingredients and infused with a carefully selected list of botanicals, with production entrusted to the historic Magnoberta distillery in Casale Monferrato.”

In addition to its premium quality ingredients, the DelMago Drinks brand is characterised by its high impact, fresh and ironic label artwork, designed by celebrated Italian contemporary artist Gianluca Cannizzo (@mypostersucks) whom wine lovers will instantly recognise for his work on labels and catalogues. The eight eye-catching labels each captivate, seduce and tell a story, with Marcello himself the star on the spirits labels - a true free spirit that comes alive in a different way on each bottle, while each cocktail has its own distinguishing character and personality.

Gaia, who will lead the UK launch, has partnered with London drinks industry titan Michael Sager of Sager + Wine, who will act as exclusive UK distributor for DelMago Drinks.

Michael Sager, founder of Sager+Wine, who will act as exclusive distributor for DelMago Drinks in the UK, comments:

"Before starting to work in the wine industry, I was running one of the world’s very best bars at the time, Milk & Honey, in Soho, London. It is my time spent there alongside my decade spent in the wine industry, which made me realise that there is a missing link connecting these two industries and their increasingly overlapping customer base.

DelMago is this missing link, it is gastronomically perfect as a standalone drink in a restaurant where you might not have a skilled bartender, but also stands up against the very best Vermouths, Chinatos, Gins, and Amaros out there and will make any already impressive cocktail even more remarkable by the mere addition of Del Mago instead of your mainstream brands.

I am proud to be representing DelMago in the UK and bridge the gap between bars and restaurants.”

The DelMago Drinks collection is available to order in the UK via Sager+Wilde, Fare, Popolo and Burro e Salvia.


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