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Delita - A taste of Italy, directly to your door

Delita was born from the idea that the UK was missing out on deliciously authentic and accessible Italian cuisine, with the desire to invite food lovers to rediscover traditional flavours, introduce them to hidden, regional gems and seasonal specialities. The concept came into sharp focus during lockdown, with dining out at restaurants on-hold and limited options for takeaways. Home-dining became more important than ever as people increasingly turned to cookbooks, chef kits and recipes to satisfy their hunger for indulgent dishes.

Delita offers the perfect solution, with its indulgent four course Italian menu of deliciously authentic dishes, crafted by renowned chefs and delivered directly to your door, all at the click of a button. Simply heat the order in the complimentary glass jars, stylishly plate with a little help from a step-by-step guide, add a finishing touch and savour.

From Antipasti, Primi, Secondi to Contorni, Delita offers a traditional Italian culinary experience, elevated by modern cooking techniques. With Italian art de vivre at its heart, fresh, quality ingredients are prepared daily to create a flavoursome menu, featuring well-loved Italian classics and hidden local specialities.

Hero dishes include classics such as, Caponata alla Sicilliana (Caponata), Lasagna alla Bolognese, Cannelloni ai peperoni (Cannelloni with peppers), Parmigiana di melanzane e zucchine (Aubergine and Courgette Parmigiana style) and lesser known delicacies like Polpo con crema di patate and Faraona.

Eva Pederzini, Co-Founder of Delita says, “despite over 90% of Brits declaring Italian as their favourite cuisine, Daniel and I recognised that there was a distinct lack of genuinely authentic, fresh and delicious UK offerings. For us, Delita represents a brave new gourmet experience, bringing to life the joy of Italian food and perfectly fills a gap in the market - delicious, freshly prepared meals, created by respected Italian chefs and finished with a personal touch. Ideal!”.

Daniel Carnio, Co-Founder of Delita says, “I’ve always had a passion for Italian food and really believe in what we can bring to the table. Delita can enhance and educate people on classics, innovative dishes, recipes and ways of preparing. People might then be excited to go to Italy to find these fresh dishes and explore new areas - we want to ignite love for Italy and Italian food.’

Delita launches at the perfect time to enjoy al fresco or ‘al desko’ - at home or in the office - for lunch, dinner, a special occasion, or to impress friends and loved-ones. Select a single course for a casual meal or choose multiple dishes, for an Italian culinary experience. Delita delivers an authentic and flavourful taste of Italy, directly to your door.


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