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Dasher, the new low carbon running shoe from Allbirds

Allbirds has launched the Dasher, the brand's first step into the performance category. A revolutionary running shoe, the Dasher is powered by renewable natural materials such as moisture-wicking eucalyptus tree fibre (TENCEL), Merino wool, sugarcane and natural rubber.

The majority of performance shoes are reliant on plastic-based synthetics that keep polluting the planet. With the launch of the Dasher, which doesn't make any compromises on performance or sustainability, Allbirds is well placed to disrupt the $50B athletic footwear industry. The shoe has been designed by athletic footwear experts and has been bio-mechanically tested over thousands of miles by over 50 amateur and professional athletes.

The Dasher will be the first Allbirds product to display a physical Carbon Count label. The label, which shows each product's carbon footprint takes into consideration materials, development, manufacturing, and end of life. The Dasher emits 9 kg of CO2e per pair, nearly 30% lower than the estimated average sneaker. Because of its natural materials and responsible sourcing techniques, the Dasher has actually the potential to become carbon negative. Allbirds will be the first fashion brand to mark all of its products with their carbon output to encourage accountability and inspire other businesses to commit to a low carbon future.


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