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Cognac Connoisseur - LOUIS XIII makes the perfect gift

Created in 1874, LOUIS XIII is the result of the life achievement of cellar master, and one of the world’s most prestigious cognac brands. Made from a blend of up to 1,200 individual eaux-de-vie, using grapes grown in Grande Champagne the exclusive cognac is encased in a beautifully crafted unique decanter.

The perfect gift for someone special, each bottle of LOUIS XIII can be customised by engraving a personal message for a unique design. Here are a few of our favourite gifts from LOUIS XIII...

LOUIS XIII Classic Decanter

If your loved one likes tradition, the LOUIS XIII Classic decanter is for them.

The Classic decanter has remained the ultimate expression of the finest eaux-de-vie blend since 1874, containing up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne terroir.

Price £3,000

LOUIS XIII Discovery Set Twin Selection

Should you and your loved one both enjoy LOUIS XIII cognac, the LOUIS XIII Discovery Set Twin Selection might be for you.

The set comprises of the Miniature (5cl) with two large glass “Facets of LOUIS XIII” (4cl). The glass has been exclusively designed for LOUIS XIII by world-renowned French designer Christophe Pillet.

Price £1,060

The Expert Set

The Expert Set, contains the LOUIS XIII Classic decanter and two tasting glasses, while a third drawer opens up to reveal an interchangeable selection of accessories and gifts. For the accessories, LOUIS XIII has collaborated with prestigious French houses S.T.Dupont, Bernardaud, Christofle and Baccarat – all of which share the same craftsmanship of LOUIS XIII making it a perfect match.

Price £3,500


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