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Cocktail Recipe: The Eden Colada by Eden Rock - St Barths

Served in Eden Rock - St Barths’s brand-new Rémy Bar – named after the hotel’s original owner, Rémy de Haenen – signature cocktail, the Eden Colada honours both his fabulously wild pioneering spirit and the birthplace of the drink’s main ingredient: rum.

With a centuries-old tradition of rum distillation, cocktail lovers should look to the sun-soaked Caribbean with its plethora of distilleries for drinks inspiration. The Eden Colada mixes two rums including Plantation 3 Stars, a tribute to historic rums with a suave blend of the region's three primary terroirs: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. Barbados delivers richness and a balanced palate, Trinidad adds finesse, and Jamaica provides an emphatic structure.

The deeply glamorous Eden Rock - St Barths cocktail list is all about a sense of place, taking drinkers on a journey for the senses sipping divine elixirs that transport them to the island that perfectly blends the sophistication of St. Tropez with the laissez-fare Caribbean lifestyle.


  • 25ml Clement Blanc rum

  • 25ml Plantation 2 Stars rum

  • 30ml Moët & Chandon Champagne

  • 30ml fresh pineapple juice

  • 30ml pineapple syrup

  • One scoop of coconut sorbet


Simply blend all ingredients together in a blender

For best results, serve in the iconic Eden Rock - St Barths pineapple glass (but any large round glass will do!)

Add one drop of vanilla essence to complete if desired

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