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Championing sustainability in the South Pacific at Laucala Island

Set in the South Pacific’s Fijian archipelago, Laucala Island is a private tropical paradise and ecological Garden of Eden. The island combines a unique commitment to the environment that surrounds it with unparalleled levels of luxury and privacy.

Laucala Island

The resort is 85% self-sustainable and prides itself on an integral philosophy, incorporating elements of the entire island into each guest’s experience, from island-made spa products to cuisine derived from indigenous plants, fruit and aquatic life.

Set over 12 square kilometres of volcanic mountains, rainforest and idyllic white sand beaches, style and sustainability go hand in hand throughout. The resort itself sits on the north coast and only covers approximately one third of the island, leaving most of the land an unspoiled wilderness of jungle and coconut plantations, home to some of the archipelago’s rarest birds and animals.

From the natural fibres and woods used in the design of the villas, the wild orchids harvested in the gardens and the organic produce grown over the 240 acres of farmland, the abundant and rich natural life is utilised and nurtured. Organic fruits, vegetables and dairy are collected each morning for guests and free-range poultry, cattle including Wagyu cows, pigs, quails, ducks, goats and the Fijian Fantastic breed of sheep are reared and allowed to roam free on the island. Fish is caught daily from the island’s shore and the bakery produces freshly baked delicacies for guests.

In the South Pacific the coconut palm is viewed as the tree of life and forms the basis for medicinal and beauty products in Laucala Island’s spa, traditional Fijian therapies and organic amenities are championed. The herbs, spices, flowers and fruits on the island are integrated into all tailor-made spa journeys and guests are encouraged to pick their own spices, herbs flowers and fruits from the Spa Garden – vanilla, lemongrass, cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, ylang ylang, pepper, ginger – and create a signature essential oil, soap or lotion in the Spa Kitchen, where a coconut press produces oil in small batches.

Discover the far-flung corners of this wonderful ‘Heaven on Earth’ at a canter on horseback. Snorkel, dive or swim amongst hawksbill turtles and explore the rocky inlets and coral reefs. The gentle spilling waves are perfect for jet skis, surfers, kayaks and sunset sailing trips. Scotsman David McLay Kidd designed Laucala Island’s championship 18-hole golf course which has been thoroughly integrated into the environment.

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