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Casino Regulations in Cyprus: What you need to know

If you are a casino lover and live in or visit Cyprus, you may wonder what the legal status of online and offline casino gambling is in this country. Cyprus is a member of the European Union, which means it has to comply with certain standards and regulations regarding gambling. In this article, we will explain the online casino regulations in Cyprus and how they impact you as a player.

Gambling in Cyprus

There are many online casinos available in Cyprus. Many players like to play from the best unique casinos in Cyprus, yet, they are unaware of the rules binding them. Online casino gambling in Cyprus is unclear or consistent due to varying laws and regulatory bodies overseeing this practice. Therefore, you must know these regulations as a player, lest you break the rules.

Here are the regulations you should be aware of as a player:

The Betting Law of 2012

Even though Cyprus has one of the best tour sites in Europe, the country also has stringent regulations when it comes to gambling. The main legislation that regulates online gambling in Cyprus is the Betting Law of 2012. This law establishes the framework for betting operations in the Republic of Cyprus through land-based and online platforms. It also creates the National Betting Authority (NBA), responsible for examining applications, licensing, auditing, and supervising betting operators. The law also prohibits online casino operations in Cyprus, meaning that online casino websites based in Cyprus or targeting Cypriot players are illegal.

The main objectives of this law are:

● To protect public order and prevent crime related to gambling.

● To protect minors and vulnerable groups from gambling addiction and exploitation.

● To ensure fair and transparent gambling activities and protect consumers’ rights.

● To contribute to social causes and public interest through taxation and fees.

The main implications of this law for you as a player are:

● You can only legally bet on sports events online through licensed operators with a Class B license from the NBA.

● You cannot legally access or play on any online casino websites based in Cyprus or target Cypriot players, as the law outlaws them.

● You may also face legal consequences if you are caught playing on online casino websites based outside Cyprus or do not target Cypriot players, as they are not regulated or supervised by the NBA, which means they may not be fair or secure.

The Casino Control Law of 2015

Another legislation that affects online gambling in Cyprus is the Casino Control Law of 2015. This law outlines the framework for legalizing a land-based integrated casino resort and four satellite casinos in different districts. It also establishes the Cyprus Gaming Commission (CGC) as the casino gaming regulator. These are the only lawful and regulated casino operations in Cyprus.

The main objectives of this law are:

● To promote tourism and economic development by creating a world-class casino resort.

● To ensure fair and responsible gaming practices and protect players' interests.

● To prevent money laundering and terrorist financing through strict supervision and control.

The main implications of this law for you as a player are:

● You can legally visit and play at any of the authorized land-based casinos in Cyprus as long as you meet the entry requirements, such as age, identity, dress code, etc.

● You cannot legally play at any other land-based or online casinos not licensed by the CGC.

● You may enjoy other amenities and services at the casino resort, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, entertainment shows, etc.


Online casino gambling is officially illegal in Cyprus, but it is not strictly enforced. The only online betting websites allowed are those with a Class B license from the NBA. The only legal land-based casinos are those that the CGC authorises. As a player, you should be aware of the risks and consequences of playing on illegal online casino websites, as well as the benefits and opportunities of playing at legal land-based casinos. You should also gamble responsibly and have fun.


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