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Christopher Ward - The new C60 Elite GMT 1000

The NEW C60 Elite GMT 1000 is Christopher Ward’s first true dive watch with GMT functionality – bringing you the best of both worlds.

Just as useful on your wrist when you’re flying between time zones as it is when you’re under water, with the new C60 Elite GMT 1000 you can have it all. It offers the precision time keeping and technical specs expected of a premium dive watch combined with the ability to track two different time zones at once.

The NEW C60 Elite GMT 1000 is a first from Christopher Ward – introducing a watch with an external countdown bezel as well as an internal 24-hour ring and fourth GMT hand to the Trident range. The countdown bezel on the outside of the dial is a significant distinction, enabling the C60 Elite GMT 1000 to be classed as a true technical dive watch – rather than a sports watch like previous GMT models.

Built as much for life in the skies as it is for great depths, the C60 Elite GMT 1000 offers supreme technicality and is powered by a chronometer-certified Sellita SW330 movement – placing it within the top 6 percent of all Swiss-made watches for accuracy. Its fourth GMT hand – in conjunction with the flat 24-hour ring around the outside of the shiny lacquer dial – can be set against the time back at home when travelling abroad for business or pleasure.

Engineered from lightweight and corrosion-resistant Grade 2 titanium – which has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element – the C60 Elite GMT 1000 is water resistant to 1,000 metres and incorporates an automatic helium release valve into its brushed and polished light-catcher design – to assist with equalisation during ascent from a dive.

Despite its water resistance, the C60 Elite GMT 1000 also features a 3.4mm-thick sapphire crystal to showcase the Sellita SW330 movement’s inner workings and its rotor is complete with Christopher Ward’s Anglo-Swiss twin flag pattern.

Two different colour options are available – orange and blue (with orange GMT hand) or red and black (with red GMT hand) with a brushed ceramic bezel to gives a more tool-like aesthetic. Both use Grade X1 GL C1 Super-LumiNova® – the best possible lume available – to deep fill its indexes, hands and bezel markings.

This new launch is available with either a lightweight titanium bracelet or hybrid rubber/ Cordura® strap in a choice of black or navy – either with or without a bright underside in red or orange respectively. And thanks to the quick-release technology it’s easy to buy both and simply swap between them.

C60 Elite GMT 1000 - £1,495


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