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Book ahead for Antarctica and become a driver for change with Pelorus

Adventure travel specialists, and members of IAATO, Pelorus is encouraging guests to plan ahead for a trip to Antarctica. With the permitting processes for yacht expeditions in the region taking up to six months, this is the time to start planning for December 2021 – February 2022.

A Pelorus trip will see guests kayaking or paddle boarding through the icy waters, visiting sea lion colonies with world class naturalists, and exploring an old British Research Station and meeting scientists at one of the active research bases to learn about their ground-breaking work.

Other exciting experiences include braving the cold with a ‘polar plunge’, before warming up in the geothermic shallows of a hidden island, sipping sundowners at the peak of mountains and on top of thousand year old glaciers, drinking in the silence and ‘midnight sun’, and working with conservationists and naturalists on wildlife observation and tagging, to studying the microscopic contents of the ice.


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