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Atelier Jalaper launch limited edition timepieces featuring pieces taken from an Aston Martin DB5

With the release of the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, there has never been a more timely occasion to invest in an Atelier Jalaper timepiece, uniquely created with part of an authenticated Aston Martin DB5 bonnet.

Every watch in the Atelier Jalaper collection visibly features metal taken from an Aston Martin DB5 on its face. Famously the vehicle driven by James Bond, this autumn the world-class car will be back on our screens in the latest Bond film, starring Daniel Craig. Bond is of course a figure whose impeccable style has become a signature part of the franchise, and Atelier Jalaper is giving fans the option to emulate his elegant choice in timepieces simultaneously whilst celebrating his favourite car.

The French-Belgian brand was founded by Simon Szleper and Louis Jalaber, who grew up watching and loving James Bond, from releases such as GoldenEye during their youth to watching the classics on repeat! When visiting his family in Britain, Simon would beg to be taken to the cinema for the latest releases, whilst Louis was even presented with a model of an Aston Martin for his sixth birthday. It only made sense therefore that after meeting at university they would combine their passion for the intricacies of fine watchmaking with the endlessly stylish car, in turn associated with one of the world’s most sophisticated figures.

Say Louis and Simon, “when it came to choosing the vehicle that we would use for the signature feature on our watch-faces, an Aston Martin DB5 was the clear choice. A symbol of true British elegance, we also loved the fact that it’s the car of James Bond, a figure we hope would choose to wear an Atelier Jalaper.”

Part of James Bond’s charm is of course that his way of life isn’t fully attainable; less than 1,100 Aston Martin DB5s were ever made (until production restarted in 2020), and Atelier Jalaper has deliberately only made 600 timepieces. Each is truly unique; a legend on your wrist. Overseen and assembled in Switzerland, the timepieces were designed to evoke the same emotions as the legendary film franchise and its signature vehicle, which have both been renowned for over half a century for their style.


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