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Art on the move with Pullman Art Run

The Pullman group of hotels have collaborated with London’s most popular all-night art event, Art Night, to launch Pullman Art Run, which invites you to explore two of the UK’s most exciting cities; through the lens of art discovery.

Pullman London St Pancras will offer an invigorating five km run route, carefully designed to reveal a captivating selection of the neighbourhood’s finest works, from street-art and iconic statues to augmented reality and bright and beautiful contemporary sculpture. Maps and podcasts can be downloaded from the comfort of your own home, before embracing the quiet, art and culture filled capital.

Complimenting this, you can enjoy a bespoke music playlist and informative audio podcast recording from two influential figures from the art world. These tracks will provide absorbing context to these extraordinary pieces of art. Inspired by and reminiscent of the audio headphone tours museum and gallery guests would enjoy, each podcast recording track on the Pullman Art Run playlist aligns with one of the ten artworks included within the two routes, with the hosts, Fatoş Üstek and Katy Hessel offering new and surprising insights for every piece.


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