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ANDEN - Unique homeware accessories made by hand

Established in 2018 in East London, ANDEN aims to bring high class design to everyday accessories. Each product is made in the UK and finished by hand and their unique packaging protects brilliantly while being plastic free and made from recycled and wholly recyclable materials.

We've selected a few of our favourite items from their collection:

Cameo Mirror

A simple and stylish vanity mirror, the two piece Cameo Mirror features a deceptively simple ball and socket joint allowing it to rotate freely and be adjusted to the perfect angle. Available in sustainably sourced solid beech in either natural golden colour or sleek matte black as well as hand finished with eco-friendly oils, the Cameo Mirror is ideal for those seeking the ultimate grooming accessory within an ultra-modern home, £149.


Smooth and sculptural, Chirp is made from dark Iroko and maple as well as finished with eco-friendly oils. Each bird also offers its own unique song following a twist of the vintage brass wing(nut), resulting in an authentic bird call. Paying homage to a bird’s plumage, Chirp is the perfect gift for those seeking a relaxing outdoorsy feeling within the home. Each bird is available in either a dark Iroko top with Maple base or a lighter Maple top with Iroko base, £45.


Crafted from the finest materials and finished beautifully using eco-friendly oils, the Watch Valet fits your Apple Watch charger (fit any series) and up to four spare straps perfectly. Available in solid walnut, the Valet is made to order in London from consciously-sourced wood and finished by hand using the finest natural oils, £89.99.

Valet II

The Valet II is as elegantly proportioned as its predecessor, with the tight, consistent curves echoing the contours of the Apple Watch. Available in solid walnut, the Valet II is ideal for keeping your everyday carry neat and tidy, providing space for keys, change, headphones or glasses, £89.


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