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Al fresco dining with French luxury food retailer Petrossian

With the weather set to improve over the coming weeks, and the easing of covid restrictions allowing us to gather with friends outdoors, it’s time to plan for picnics in the park and al fresco dining at home! French luxury food retailer Petrossian, who celebrated their centenary last year with the launch of their UK online store, offers 24 hour delivery for those last-minute gatherings when the weather is looking favourable.

The Petrossian Family has been sourcing and maturing the world's finest caviar since they first brought this incredible delicacy to Paris in 1920. Over the last century, Petrossian has mastered the art of caviar, and learned how to pair the perfect caviar with the most discerning clientele. Their passion and commitment to excellence has made the Petrossian name synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication.

Having launched their UK online store in 2020, the French luxury food retailer offers nationwide access to an acclaimed range of specialities. From expertly matured caviars and beautifully smoked salmons to truffles, creative dips, condiments, sweet treats and spreads, every delivery is beautifully packaged with a personal touch, to match the quality and sophistication of the products. So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, special occasion or just a normal Thursday, Petrossian will have the perfect delicacy to lend an elegant and unique element.

“The best leather goods do not make an Hermès bag. The best champagne grapes do not make Dom Perignon, nor do the best sturgeon eggs make Petrossian caviar. None of these exist without the talent of the craftsman, or rather, the artist.” - Armen Petrossian.

Why not be decadent for an evening al fresco soiree: caviar on blinis, sashimi style truffled coupe de tsar salmon, foie gras with fig preserve, accompanied by Petrossian vodka martinis. Or keep it low key with a casual picnic in the park: some taramasalata and crudites, king crab salad, sourdough bread topped with pata negra, foie gras or smoked salmon, with a colourful cherry vodka, ginger beer and lime cocktail.

Here are a few of our favourites for the perfect picnic:

Sevruga Steluga Tsar Impérial Caviar

Hailing from the starry sturgeon that originates in the Caspian Sea, Sevruga Steluga Tsar Impérial caviar is known for its finesse and very briny flavour.

It is so delicate that it should be tasted on its own, simply with a spoon. The shimmering pearly grey eggs have a strong, briny flavour, a creamy, soft texture, and a very long finish. Just like Beluga, this uncommonly soft caviar will cast a spell on caviar lovers. From £76.

Coupe du Tsar with beet

The smoked salmon Coupe du Tsar with red beet is made from an exclusive Petrossian recipe that was created in 2015.

With surprising colour and flavour, you'll love the delicate balance between the aromas of the salmon, the gentle Petrossian smoking process, and the sweetness of the red beet marinade. It's perfect for an aperitif and scrumptious on top of salads, £40.

Tarama with black truffle

Tarama with black truffle will give a festive touch to all of your recipes. It's made from classic cod egg tarama that has been smoked with beechwood by Petrossian. Up to 5% of Tuber melanosporum black truffle pieces are then added.

The briny, smoky flavours mix with the strong aroma of truffle in perfect harmony. This tarama with black truffle is guaranteed additive-free and is presented as a smooth cream that can be spread on blinis or Croustissian, for simple or lavish occasions, £16.

Petrossian Caviar Vodka

A true feat when it comes to flavour, this super-premium vodka is guaranteed free of additives and is made from grapes from vineyards in the Champagne region.

It's made with Ossetra Tsar Impérial caviar, the specific caviar that's ideal for the process of maceration and dilution. 20g of caviar are needed to make one litre of vodka. In terms of tasting, it's delicate on the nose with a hint of brininess and an almost smoky aroma, £190.


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