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A CUT above the rest - 45 Park Lane

On the site of the famous Playboy Club now sits 45 Park Lane - opened as a Dorchester Collection hotel in September 2011 and firmly established as a leader on the London boutique hotel scene.

Positioned at the very heart of the hotel, CUT at 45 Park Lane is a lively delight. From here you can watch the endlessly fascinating buzz of the lobby or the exciting hum of London beyond the windows.

This is Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant that serves the finest in Wagyu steak and fresh sushi boxes, artfully paired with fine champagne by sommelier Frederic Marti. The only dilemma at CUT at 45 Park Lane is choosing your view. Will it be Damien Hirst’s Diamond Dust Psalms series adorning the walls, or leafy Hyde Park beyond the windows?


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