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5 ultimate scents from luxury perfumer Fragrance Du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois perfumes are designed to take you on a voyage of sensory delight and transport you to another realm. A realm where exclusive fragrances, consciously crafted by master perfumers and only from the finest ingredients, can transform thoughts, feelings, and emotions. These evocative, signature scents touch the soul leaving indelible memories with all who encounter them.

Fragrance Du Bois’ heritage as a world-class purveyor of luxury fragrance is well-earned. The house chooses to collaborate with only the very best in the industry, and that’s why their coveted perfume collections have evolved over the years, gaining global notoriety, and blazing a trail in the world of fragrance. Something truly magical happens when the leaders in their field combine to share their gift, passion, and creative vision. That something in Fragrance Du Bois.

Fragrance Du Bois’ fragrance empire brings together the very best of Arabian, Modern Contemporary and Classical French artistic perfumery. Use of the finest sustainably sourced, pure perfume oils results in a collection of exquisite aromas that envelop the wearer in the scent of refined elegance. Fragrance Du Bois perfumes are not created for a stereotypical gender – they are made for him or her to share and are all unisex.

Here is a selection of the ultimate fragrant gift recommendations from Fragrance Du Bois.

SIBERIAN ROSE by Shadi Samra, £205 (100ml)

Seductive and luxurious, Natures Treasures from Fragrance Du Bois is quite simply an original collection of hand-blended perfumes using only the finest and sustainably sourced natural ingredients. From this exquisite collection, SIBERIAN ROSE would make a truly special gift.

Russia, when we hear the name of this beautiful country and specifically Siberia, it conjures up thoughts of white, snowy winters. With this pure, bright image in our minds, this is a fragrance built on white floral accords, an homage to the white Siberian Rose.

The fragrance opens with a fruity, spicy top note composed of cinnamon, juniper, pear, and pink pepper, and then the floral journey, the personality of the fragrance, passes through a white heart note of tuberose, white rose, ylang-ylang, and a rich touch of leather which evokes memories of the wildlife of Siberia, making the scent so natural and sensual.

SIBERIAN ROSE is a very long-lasting fragrance, strengthened by a powerful yet harmonious base of patchouli, amber and moss.

SAHRAA by Francois Merle-Baudoin, £395 (50ml)

The quintessence of luxury, Fragrance Du Bois Prive is a collection of iconic fragrances created by master perfumers. These enigmatic fragrances are the perfumers most prized creations, in which they have used their imaginations to elevate fine scents to works of art; all at once harmonious and delicate but finely balanced with strength and longevity.

Like a moment of stillness broken by unpredictable shifts of racing wind across a vast landscape. SAHRAA captures the untamed wilderness of Arabia. It immediately invokes the mystery and majesty of the desert, the sensual power of nature.

Beautiful floral top and heart notes of grapefruit, rose absolute, geranium and jasmine, create a symphony that blends softly into base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, saffron, vanilla, amber and 100% organic, vintage Oud.

MILANO by Shadi Samra, £205 (100ml)

The Fragrance Du Bois Fashion Capitals collection takes its inspiration from some of the world’s most iconic cities, also regarded as the ultimate luxury fashion, shopping, and cultural destinations. Take Milan, the city of style and the fashion capital of Italy where you can find rich history, art, and culture.

The vision for MILANO was to combine the quintessential finest elements found in Italy, creating a fresh citrus, spicy top note using a mix of Sicilian bergamot and orange, and adding saffron and thyme. Then comes the aromatic magic touch of olibanum, jasmine, and fruity notes to compose the character of the fragrance. The long-lasting base has woody notes, vanilla, musk and amber adding a generous amount of an exclusive leather accord. A timeless and soothing scent like the sound of the first opera performed at Teatro alla Scala.

NEW YORK 5TH AVENUE by Shadi Samra, £205 (100ml)

Also from the Fashion Capitals collection and perfect for the winter months, a tribute to one of the most diverse, evolving, and breath-taking cities in the world - New York, an unforgettable, inspiring place.

The perfumer chose to dedicate NEW YORK 5TH AVENUE to winter in NYC, the warmth, sensuality, and glow of the holiday season. It’s woody, sweet, warm, and spicy. Opening with a simple top note of bergamot and rose, which works as an introduction to a sweet floral and spicy heart note represented by caramel, violet and cypriol. The long-lasting base note is composed of vanilla, musk, Kashmir wood and guaiac wood, creating a luscious and enveloping dry down.

NEW YORK INTENSE by Pierre-Constantin Gueros, £225 (100ml )

Finally, NEW YORK INTENSE is a vivacious scent with a distinct masculine tone, differentiating itself from the sweeter New York 5th Avenue. The top note is a spicy citrus one with a hint of floral accords composed of cinnamon, coriander, orange, blackberry, bay leaf and rose, then comes a balsamic woody and floral heart note with olibanum, guaiac wood, clove, vanilla, honey, immortelle, and orchid.

These complex accords require a very strong base note to enhance them, so the famous French master perfumer Pierre Gueros delivers this amazing result, using vetiver, cedar-wood, Oud oil, myrhh, patchouli, musk, labdanum and oakmoss. These accords culminate in a beautiful, luxurious fragrance with an unquestionable longevity.


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