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3 of the world's most amazing superyachts, each with a phenomenal heritage

As we move forward into 2021, below we look back at yachts with incredible heritage. Each legendary yacht has a long and unique history, meaning guests on-board today can walk in the footsteps and share the same experience as famous and influential historical figures.

CHRISTINA O – Queen of the realm (1943)

Built in 1943, 99m Christina O has hosted many a leading lady, first lady and princess, including Jackie O, Marylin Monroe, Maria Callas, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Grace of Monaco. One of the most written about yachts in history, she has witnessed some of the most iconic events over the last century.

From serving in World War II at the D-Day Landings to hosting the world’s most influential people during Onassis’ glorious years. Superbly restored and refitted along the years, Christina O can be chartered for EUR 630,000 per week.

UNITED SPIRIT – The Match King (1939)

The epitome of high velocity vintage yachts, 34m United Spirit was commissioned by Swedish industrialist and financier Thorsten Kreuger, best known for his family's pan-Scandinavian match empire Swedish Match and his brother (the “Swedish Match King”) Ivar's global tycoon status that has been the inspiration for both films and novels including The Match King and Graham Greene's England Made Me. Delivered by the Swedish Gotaverken yard in 1939, today, following a full hull rebuild with a new aluminium sandwich system applied over her original aircraft aluminium hull, she still reaches speeds of over 30 knots and is for sale asking EUR 2,750,000.

BB – The Motor King (1947)

A jewel of American maritime history, 24m BB is a classic wooden houseboat delivered in 1947 by Trumpy Yachts in Maryland USA. Designed and built by John Trumpy in as a “luxury cruising houseboat” she was commissioned by George W. Codrington of Cleveland, Ohio who was VP of General Motors and a member of the New York and Larchmont Yacht Clubs. Originally called Seaplay, she has just undergone a 3+ year, and $4 million+ authentic restoration, that has returned the yacht to her original 1947 splendor. Beautifully renovated and restored and is available to purchase asking USD 1,995,000.


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