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10,000 Euro Irish Whiskey launches – The Devil’s Keep

The Devil’s Keep – the oldest ever triple distilled Irish single malt whiskey and the most expensive first release in the history of whiskey at €10,000 per bottle has just been released.

The Devil's Keep Whiskey

Ushering in a new Golden Age of Irish Whiskey, the 29 year-old bottles of The Devil’s Keep, fill a gap in the market for ultra-luxury Irish whiskey. Just 333 bottles are now available, with the release of a further 666 planned for next year. Earlier this month, The Devil’s Keep secured the world record for the most expensive inaugural whiskey release ever at auction, selling for USD $60,000 in Houston.

For many years, Scotland has dominated whiskey through the sheer breadth and depth of its offering.

With the introduction of The Devil’s Keep, Jay Bradley, Founder of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., aims to redefine global perceptions of Irish whiskey. The Devil’s Keep has been aged in 200 litre ‘first fill’ American oak casks previously storing bourbon, then finished in rare 100-litre French Oak barrels that held tawny port, before a final finish in expensive virgin Hungarian oak. It’s this holy trinity of triple distillation that creates the rich vanilla, wild honey and toasted maple syrup flavour profiles – making it the finest whiskey Ireland has ever created.

The founder, Jay Bradley, became a whiskey advocate after reading a book called ‘Truths about Whisky,’ published in 1879. It explained how The Liberties in Dublin (where he was born), an area in the centre of the city, was the epicentre of global whiskey. Dublin whiskey was known as the ‘gold standard’ spirit at the time. He studied the history of Irish whiskey and learned that it had declined in production since 1914 due to geo-political issues such as World Wars, civil wars and embargos beyond the Irish whiskey distilleries’ control.

Jay Bradley comments, “We’re thrilled to be celebrating Ireland’s whiskey resurgence by launching The Devil’s Keep, which has been a crusade sparing no expense to source the finest ingredients, and the most sublime flavours – it truly is the culmination of our devotion, passion and craft.”

During 2020, Craft Irish Whiskey Co.’ sister company, Whiskey & Wealth Club, has seen a significant uptick in interest from investors hedging risk by seeking stable alternative investments outside of the traditional financial markets – making The Devil’s Keep a discerning legacy investment, it is now available to buy online for €10,000.


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