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ZaZaBoom! Sustainable luxury with a higher purpose

As the whole world was under lockdown, one of the most exciting and creative ventures was launched called ZaZaBoom!

ZaZaBoom! is a philanthropic business that has been set up by fashion designer and creative director Karen Brost Whyte with aims to support the frontline workers and the NHS UK staff saving lives, initially through the production and sales of face-masks.

Karen with her two lively children at home used this opportunity to channel all the creativity into cutting the first pattern of a face-mask – a pattern which served as the basis for which created thousands more. Her whole neighbourhood joined along this journey by dusting down their sewing machines to keep up with the high demand.

The masks were each a labour of love, made by hand from fabric swatches that were sold to customers all around the world, who were seeking joy in gifting whilst looking to support a good cause.

With the help of kind volunteers assisting in the production of masks, parcels began to take off for delivery worldwide. An initial target of raising £10K for charities was achieved during the 10th week of lockdown. Karen wanted to continue the good deed to raise more funds for charities in crisis, so she decided to take it one step further and expand the product range.

Now ZaZaBoom! has expanded into a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products in its latest collection. The debut collection called Capsule 01 is characterised by the designer’s vibrant, hand-drawn illustrations. Each product in the collection bears one of four signature prints; Bombshell Girls; Gatsby Girls; Martini Extra Olives; and The Crown Jewels. Every item is spectacularly hand-made by Karen and her team of dedicated, local London-based volunteers.

ZaZaBoom! will always donate 25% of all the company profits to ongoing fundraisers and supporting charities in need that have been affected as a result of the coronavirus. Over time, Karen anticipated that future support will go towards the growing number of homeless and jobless, and those in need of local food banks.

“The reason that this project is even possible is that I am custom-making products to order. I retain no

stock, and I can design and manage the business from my dining room table with the help and kindness of local volunteers,” says Karen, founder of ZaZaBoom. “It’s just something that I’m enjoying dedicating my time, my talents, and my heart to. Over the course of the past three months, ZaZaBoom has ticked every one of my emotional boxes as a mum, as a creative, as an entrepreneur and as a friend. The combination of kindness, connection, creativity and community, and the inclusion of people from all walks of life, has enriched me and changed me for life. My own family is also massively benefiting emotionally from this project, and that for me is a win-win.”


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